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CSC Interview: Thomas Morstead


We've got even more Canal Street Chronicles exclusive player content coming at you today. Last week we had the pleasure of being graced with the presence of Al Woods, about to enter his rookie season. This week, we make the move to a player who just finished his first year in the league. 

Thanks to one of our loyal members (if you don't know who it is, then you should spend more time reading this site), I had the opportunity to ask a few questions of Saints punter Thomas Morstead. Though he may not be one of the flashiest or most talked about players, he's certainly one of the most important on the field. In his rookie season last year, fans saw just how good he is and after our interview, it's easy to tell his focus and determination are what helped him get to this level.

Hopefully, you all enjoy what follows. I want to thank Thomas for his time in answering my questions and wish him the best of luck next season.  

CSC:  What has Thomas Morstead been doing since becoming Super Bowl champion? 

TM:  The entire week after the Super Bowl was crazy. I went out and celebrated every night. The fact that Mardi Gras was going on at the same time made everything even better. It was my first Mardi Gras.


CSC:  What are some of the personal perks of winning the championship? Free drinks!?

TM:  Free drinks and meals, but that was happening well before the Super Bowl. The whole season was magical. I have really enjoyed myself back at home in Houston and in Dallas, where I went to school.


CSC:  In the raucus locker room following the Super Bowl, I noticed you sitting in your stall quietly with legs out and arms folded, just looking around and smiling. What was going through your head? Were you just soaking it all in and taking mental pictures?

TM:  I was trying to soak it all in. I kept hearing the vets say all year long that this isn't how it happens every year and that I was spoiled winning the first 13 games of my career, making the playoffs, and obviously going to - and winning - the Super Bowl. Just tried to enjoy the moment.


CSC:  Do you think your spoiled now or will have difficulty staying motivated? Ever worry that it's all downhill from here? You won the Super Bowl as a rookie. 

TM:  Not at all. Next year it is in Dallas. That's where I went to school so that would be exciting. I would be lying if I didn't say that my goal and expectation is to be the best., which means making the Pro Bowl. Always got to shoot high.


CSC:  When the Saints traded up last year to draft you, the reaction was "What!? A punter!?" And you've admitted that afterward, you read a lot of the negative draft analysis about yourself to help motivate. Do you take pleasure in proving everyone absolutely wrong? 

TM:  I was always the little guy that didn't make the team growing up in multiple sports so I have always been, or at least felt, like the underdog. I actually feel very comfortable in that role. I have overcome so many odds on my journey that now I feel like no matter how tough or unlikely something feels, I can achieve whatever it is that I set out to do. It's not always about proving everyone wrong, it's about proving to myself that I can do it and that I was, and am, still worth it.


CSC:  Last season, you and Courtney Roby made quite the special teams duo, getting a lot of punts downed inside the opponents five. What's behind this magical teamwork?

TM:  I think Courtney and I are both extremely hard workers that take pride in everything we do. We connect on that level and like any good teammates, we seem to be there for each other when the other one doesn't perform up to expectations.


CSC:  What's the toughest thing about being a punter in the NFL? What's the best?

TM:  Well all my teammates tell me there is nothing tough about what I do and that I have the easiest job out there. [laughs] They like to give me a hard time. I think being consistent is the goal and challenge. You dont get three downs, you get one chance to perform. No do-overs. You better put your best stuff out there.


CSC:  Since you've acknowledged that you've read your own clippings in the past, do you ever check in on sites like Canal Street Chronicles?

TM:  I'm sure I have read a few things from this site. I take it all with a grain of salt.


CSC:  Tell us something about you that fans would never know.

TM:  Going into high school at 14 years old I was 5'0'' tall...and weighed a measley 90 pounds.

Quick Fire

CSC:  Did you pay attention to the draft?
TM:  Not really.

CSC:  Have you been watching HBO's 'Treme'?
TM:  Nope

CSC:  Favorite place to eat in New Orleans?
TM:  Houston's

CSC:  Favorite musical artist or group?
TM:  Queen

CSC:  Closest friend(s) on the team?
TM:  John Carney and Jason Kyle