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Saints Game Changing Off-Season Moves: Saints Sign Alex Brown


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Well, it's been two weeks since our last officially sponsored post which means I've got to pay a few bills around here and hook you all up with another Saints game changing off-season move. Honestly, because this post-Super Bowl off-season has been so quiet, I'm quickly running out of topics for these posts. Fortunately, the Saints signed former Bears defensive end Alex Brown in April which spiced things up a bit and most definitely qualifies as one of the teams biggest moves thus far.

Game Changing Move #3 - April 7th, 2010 - Saints Sign Alex Brown

In an effort to fill the void of talent and depth at defensive end following the release of Charles Grant - our first game changing move - the Saints nabbed free agent Alex Brown, who had been released by the Chicago Bears less than a week prior and after failing to find a trading partner. It was the first serious acquisition of the off-season for the team and still remains arguably the most significant. For that reason alone, this move was important. But it won't be considered game changing if it doesn't pan out on the field.

Technically, we don't really know if this is a game changing move because we have yet to see Alex Brown play a down in the black and gold but the early signs look good. Bears fans were visibly upset when Brown was released, always what you want to see from a free agent pickup. And based on his career, injury shouldn't be a concern and either should his work ethic. What a breath of fresh air. But he's getting up in there in age and he's never been a great player, just good and very reliable.

So the question today is this: Does Alex Brown have what it takes to be the starting defensive end by week one? Your thoughts please. Feel free to discuss the entire defensive end rotation as you see fit.