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Ridiculously Early 2010 Saints Roster Breakdown: Defensive Tackle

We're almost through with our incredibly premature look at the Saints training camp roster and trying to figure out where the excitement will be this summer. Our journey now leads us to defensive tackle, which actually isn't a very exciting position in the grand scheme of things.

On paper, it's fairly easy to predict who will make the cut at tackle this season and who won't but you never really know; that's why they do this every year. The real question is: How many defensive tackles will the Saints keep on the roster and where do versatile linemen like Anthony Hargrove and even Jimmy Wilkerson fit in. This makes it tougher to gauge.

My breakdown is after the jump for your edification and the comment section is open for your opinions.


Sedrick Ellis, Anthony Hargrove

Big Sed is hands down the best defensive tackle on the roster. He's a sure thing to make the final roster. Like last year, I expect Anthony Hargrove to switch frequently between tackle and end so I've included him on this list. It's that versatility combined with his non-stop motor that make him a good bet to be with the team on week one.


Remi Ayodele

One of the more underrated players on the team, Ayodele really came into his own last year and seemed to thrive under Gregg Williams, often making a big play like forcing a fumble or picking one up. Now entering his fifth season in the league, he's proved enough to earn a regular gig with the defending champions.

On the Bubble

Al Woods, DeMario Pressley

After trading up in this years draft to acquire defensive tackle Al Woods, Saints fans have high expectations for the LSU product to help the team stuff the run. But Payton is not afraid to let a fourth round draft pick go if he's not up to snuff (see: Antonio Pittman) so Woods still has his work cut out. Pressley is back for another training camp after failing to make the final cut last year. He qualified for the practice squad, however, which may again be where he lands.


Earl Heyman, Jay Ross

Most of us probably don't know too much about Heyman and Ross; chances are we still won't after training camp. Heyman returns after failing to crack the 53-man roster as an undrafted rookie last year and Ross will probably suffer the same fate this year.