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Ridiculously Early 2010 Saints Roster Breakdown: Tight End

We return to the offensive side of the ball in this series of posts detailing each pre-training camp position grouping in an effort to determine who will make the final team. Today we're discussing the tight ends, of which there aren't too many. Not sure how many players the Saints will keep at the position but the competition isn't too extensive and it's possible that only one will be cut. I also wouldn't be surprised if the Saints add one more tight end before the summer is over. Noticeably absent from the list is Billy Miller.

Feel free to agree and/or disagree with my analysis, found after the jump.


Jeremy Shockey

As long as Shockey keeps his feet away from any vending machines during training camp, this one's a no-brainer. Ladies and gentleman: The starting tight end for your 2010 New Orleans Saints.


David Thomas

We've all got mad love for 'The Baconator' after he stepped it up big time last season. His surprise performance was so good, he wound up costing the Saints a 6th round draft pick instead of a 7th; well worth it. Honestly, he probably belongs in the 'Definite' pile but for the purposes of this post I needed someone to put here so...yeah.

On the Bubble

Jimmy Graham

Based on all the early talk surrounding Jimmy Graham, the feel good Saints story of 2010, he's a shoe-in for the final roster. But right now that's just hype. Truth is, we have yet to see anything from Graham so while we might like to bump him up to the 'Likely' category, that just wouldn't be prudent.


Tyler Lorenzen, Tory Humphrey

The Saints went with four tight ends on their 53-man roster last season. If that's a predictor of what we can expect this year, than one of these players has a good chance of making the lineup. Of the two, Humphrey probably has the best chance thanks to previous experience with the Packers. Lorenzen, on the other hand, is only in his second year and is attempting to make the transition from quarterback to tight end. Advantage: Humphrey.