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Random Musings, Links and Videos that Every Saints Fan Should Read

How's that for a title?

There was quite a bit of news coming out of Who Dat Nation and the league in general yesterday. From the NFL owners meeting, to the Saints Hall of Fame induction announcements to the first practice of OTA's; even trouble with the law! Yesterday was more action packed than your regular off-season Tuesday. So to make sure you haven't missed any of the latest Saints-related action, big or small, read this post. It should catch you up quite nicely. 

Comments are wide open for chatter about any one of these topics. 



From the moment he signed with the Saints, Clint Ingram has been pegged as the most likely replacement for Scott Fujita. Apparently, that doesn't bother Ingram the least. According to the roster found on the Saints official website, Ingram will be wearing #55, Fujita's old number. Ingram wore #51 in his time with the Jaguars


Jermon Bushrod Joins the Twitter Party

Yet another member of  the Who Dat Nation has joined the ranks on Twitter. You can now start following offensive tackle Jermon Bushrod @j_bushrod747.  Here are his first two tweets...

IM addicted already... smh, Pickin up dinner n back to the crib... Thanks for the shout outs homies... lol

Watching chappelle show... Thank you instant netflix

Be sure to start following him and tell him about @csctweet. I'm might help us score an interview or get some cred. Help a brother out


Induction, Junction, What's your Function?

I wanted to make sure this story got a little love on the front page. 'Hollywood' Joe Horn was introduced as the 2010 Saints Hall of Fame inductee. Obviously, we all remember Joe and can probably agree this is a well deserved honor. The actual induction will take place during an as of yet unnamed Saints home game this fall. 

Watch this video from December when WDSU catches up with Joe Horn as he reflects on his career. 

The Times-Pic has a handy Saints Hall of Fame roster

Not to be outshined, head equipment manager Dan 'Chief' Simmons and assistant equipment manager Glennon 'Silky' Powell were both announced as recipients of the Joe Gemelli Fleur-De-Lis Award, given annually to those who have served the Saints in a significant capacity and have contributed to the betterment or the organization. 

For more reading on all of this, check out this article and - oh, heck why not -  this one

Here is all your video footage. Your welcome. 



Crystal Clear

While we're on the subject, I think Crystal Bowersox will win American Idol tonight. Lee DeWyze came out flat last night and Crystal really brought it, dawg. Plus, she's different. Who do you think producers selected America voted for to win?


NFL Owners Meeting: What Happened?

NFL owners had one day of meetings yesterday in Dallas, TX. The biggest news was the announcement that New York/New Jersey will host the 2014 Super Bowl, meaning we could likely see a cold-weather Super Bowl for the first time in many years. 

There was a possibility that the owners would vote on whether to extend the new overtime rules into the regular season as well but, as predicted by many, there wasn't enough interest this time around. The vote may come up at future meetings. 

Commissioner Roger Goodell also spoke and took questions. He announced a decision on Ben Roethlisberger would be made in a week and skirted questions regarding the vicodin allegations against the Saints. 

Not discussed was the proposed sale of the St. Louis Rams to Stan Kroenke. 

First Day of OTA's: In Their Own Words

Everyone hit the field yesterday for the first time this off-season and took to telling the world about it via Twitter. Below are all of yesterdays practice related tweets from Saints players.

Don't miss the requisite "Holy $&#% they ain't playin' with this heat" tweets from the new guys, Alex Brown and Jason McKie. You're not in Chicago anymore, ladies.  

jgoody76 OTA's today. Man that helmet gonna be hot 

usama_young28 Time for some practice!

LanceMoore16 Back on the practice field today. Time to really start on our grind to defend our championship!!!

reggie_bush First day of offseason practice! Feels good to be back! Let's go Saints!

HeathEvans 1st day of off-season practice= Felt gr8 to be back out there w/ the team & the knee is almost perfect! WHO DAT

bobbymccray 1st practice was a beast....just got in the car....and I'm sweatingalready

Jmack37 Woooow it's 400 degrees in N.O. ....I might weigh 200 pounds now after that practice

bobbymccray Back at Mr. Eds again time to try the double grilled snapper...I know I'm passing out after this. The dun drained me.

PatRob21 Back to the room I go. I'm a lil tired

alexbrown96 Today was the hottest practice I have been apart of since 2001! And I am not kidding!! I am sure it will get better from here but WOW!! lol

T_Porter22 Fininshed first day of OTAs and the Boom....I'm faded. Ab to eat and get some much there a bball game tonight?

usama_young28 I'ma miss part of this game. I gotta get in this playbook

Harp41 Man first day of ota's. Had a long break since our run too. Drew hit me with a sick dbl move today to cols.

Harp41 I never get to get a chance to forget how good they really are cause I practice against them in practice every freakin day against them


Dirty Harry

Undrafted free agent Harry Coleman from LSU was arrested at 3 a.m. Sunday morning in St. Mary's Parish on a simple battery charge. I won't comment further since I really don't know any details and either does anyone else it seems. Given all the hope so many people had for this kid, it would be a shame if it ended like this. 


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