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Updates from Today's Saints OTA's

Below are updates via Twitter and a few links regarding Saints practice today. Click the picture of Drew on the right for a few more taken today. 


jeffduncantp Quick observations from #Saints OTAs: D.Sharper, J.Stinchcomb, R.Meachem, Clint Ingram, Lynell Hamilton & Charles Brown were not working. 

jeffduncantp #Saints OTA observations: Heath Evans, Chip Vaughn, Stanley Arnoux, Reggie Jones & Rod Harper were back in action after '09 injuries.

wwltvsports From OTAs: Sharper, Stinchcomb, Meachem, Ingram, Hamilton and C. Brown were not working out.

wwltvsports Harry Coleman was out at the OTA, wearing No. 95

jeffduncantp #Saints OTA observations: Jo-Lonn Dunbar was working as the starting strong-side linebacker with Ingram out.

jeffduncantp #Saints OTA observations: Malcolm Jenkins worked at both corner & free safety, but primarily at free safety

wwltvsports A Brown and B McCray were switching in and out and right def end. Dunbar was working w/ LBs

wwltvsports W/ Sharper out, Usama Young was at FS.

jeffduncantp #Saints OTA observations: Bobby McCray worked as the starting LDE, with Alex Brown behind him on the depth chart.

wwltvsports Payton: "We're more experienced. And winning the Super Bowl, we're more confident."

wwltvsports Payton on SB exp: "also helps you recognize how difficult the challenge is."

wwltvsports Payton: " There hasn't been any dialogue in pierre's case. I haven't talked with Pierre so I don't want to speak o his behalf."

jeffduncantp #Saints OTA presser: Payton on J.Brown: "It's pretty common. There hasn't bean any dialogue. We've had great attendance., y and large."

wwltvsports Payton on J Brown: ""If there's something to report, we'll announce it. right now, we're really focused on the guys who are here"

jeffduncantp #Saints OTA: Payton on Brown trade: "It would be inappropriate for me to discuss players' contracts or trade or any of that."

wwltvsports Payton: "The main focus of may, and april, is getting their bodies in shape. "

wwltvsports Payton says Malcolm Jenkins has made the move to Free Safety, but is versatile and can come down in the nickle package.

jeffduncantp #Saints OTA: Payton on Jenkins: "He has (made the move to FS). We'll work him at '3' (nickel). He's doing well & working primarily at FS."

jeffduncantp #Saints OTA: Payton on rooks: "Patrick had a good 1st practice Tuesday & made some plays on the ball. We've been pleased."

wwltvsports Payton on Joe Horn: "I've said this before. He's an awfully engaging personality, one that's easy to gravitate to."

jeffduncantp #Saints OTA: Payton on J.Horn: "It was good to see him. ... He's an awfully engaging person. He was part of this rebuilding program."

wwltvsports Payton on roster: "The minute we finished in Miami, there's the reality you're not going to have the same team back

wwltvsports Payton on Alex Brown: "He's someone who has acclimated himself well. I think he's a good teammate."

wwltvsports Payton says he'd like to get Chase Daniel a lot of work in offseason and presaeson

wwltvsports Payton on Sharper: ""we're hopeful his role is the same. The key is going to be the rehab of the injury and getting back into playing shape"

wwltvsports Payton on SB hangover: "that topic is the first topic we brought up to start the offseason program."

wwltvsports   Payton on depth chart: We probably pay less attention to who is with the first team or second team right now than any other time."    

jeffduncantp #Saints OTA: Payton said the club would likely lean toward taking 4 QBs to training camp. Right now they have 3: Brees, Daniel & Canfield.

wwltvsports Brees: "there comes a time when it's time 2 get bck 2 work & thinking abt how 2 accomplish the things we're still setting out 2 accomplish "

wwltvsports   Brees: You also have to understand we are building a new team and it is a new year. "   

wwltvsports Brees: "Philosophy is that we have not arrived by any means. Yes, we have reached the pinnacle of our league, but it was only 1 year."

miketripletttp Drew Brees talking now: We have to realize 31 teams are going after us. But I feel like we have great window of opportunity. We cant relax.

miketripletttp Question: If you were an oddsmaker, would you make you guys the favorites? ...

miketripletttp Brees' answer: Every year,if the SB champs have most everyone coming back, youd say they're thefavorites. But we know no one will lay down

wwltvsports Brees: "I look at our team and say why can't we do it again. But you can't just walk onto the field and expect everybody to lay down."

jeffduncantp Brees: "We know that every team on our schedule is circling the name 'New Orleans Saints" on their schedule."

jeffduncantp Brees: "I like what I've seen from him so far. He's a pretty low-key guy. I like his demeanor."

wwltvsports Brees: "A lot of times it's more difficult to stay at the top once your there than it is to rise from the bottom to the top"

jeffduncantp Brees: "Ive tried to talk to as many people as I can who have won the Big One, and tried to come back. It's difficult, maybe more difficult"

jeffduncantp Brees: "I've had some wonderful opportunities this offseason, met a lot of great people. ... I hope we have more offseasons like this."

wwltvsports Brees: "the thing that suffered the most was golf. I haven't played as much, but that's OK bec I hope we have a lot more like this."

wwltvsports Brees (1/2): Last year ws the most competive offseason I've ever been a part of

wwltvsports Brees (2/2) "... felt like that prepared us so well and I feel like we're starting off that way again thisseason."

wwltvsports Brees says SB win has helped show the city in a good light.

wwltvsports Brees: "It's hard to go somewhere and just relax unless I'm in my own home. But I guess that's a good thing.

wwltvsports Brees is gushing over his golf lesson from Jack Nicklaus. Came on the 13th hole of a pro-am tourney. Big ol' smile.


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