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Darren Sharper Fires Back at Visanthe "Stankoe"

Oh snap, this is getting good!

Earlier today, Minnesota Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe responded to Darren Sharper's "X marks the spot" tweet, alluding to a future of painful revenge targeted at the veteran safety's surgically repaired knee...  

Vikings' Shiancoe on Sharper's tweet: "Sharper had surgery too. If x marks the spot on Brett, I wonder what marks the spot on Sharper?"    

It didn't take too long for Sharper to catch wind of Shiancoe's words and return to Twitter for more trash talk...

So visanthe stankoe X marks the spot on me, how bout X marks the spot for how many catches and TDs you'll have come Thursday night. X = zero...If you feeling yourself put your game check on it. No TDs and less than 3 catches you give me your game check. Now whose talking.

It's on now! You kids play nice.