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Darren Sharper Re-Signs with Saints

Darren Sharper has re-signed with the New Orleans Saints, agreeing to a 1-year deal. Pro Football Talk seems to be the first to report it, though it has been confirmed by the Times-Pic and Sharper himself, via Twitter.

sharper42 To the entire WHO-DAT Nation, guess what? I'M BAACKK!    

Hell yes! This is great news. Keeping Sharper in the fold was crucial. He was a huge part of the Saints championship season and the team really needs him if they want to seriously consider making another run for the title. Though I admit my love affair with him is slightly tainted after some of his off-season contract positioning ploys, I'm sure that will wash away with the first vision of him in a Saints uniform again. 

For all the Mike Florio haters, this means Florio was correct when he reported two days ago that Sharper would sign with a team today. Does this give more validity to his reports that "SSM A" and "SSM B" really are Sean Payton and Joe Vitt, respectively, in Geoff Santini's lawsuit?

Find out, in our next episode of "As the Who Dat Turns"...