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Canal Street Chronicles Community Game Time

It's been over two years now that Canal Street Chronicles has existed not just as a place for great Saints information but also as a community. And as we've grown, it's only natural that many of us who regularly read and comment have gotten to know each other on an almost personal level. Yet each of us would never even know if we walked past each other on the street or bumped carts at the supermarket. 

Admit it, though: You have pondered what each member looks like in real life and have come up with at least a fuzzy image inside your head that you see each time you read one of their comments. I know I do. I think that's normal human behavior. At least I hope it is. 

So today I hope to play off these two situations and at the same time create a crapload of fun for everyone here at Da Chronic. I have created two games - "Copy and Paste My Face!" and "Member Mix & Match" - that should give us all a lot of laughs as well as bring us all closer and perhaps knock down a few barriers. The rules and instructions are below. Participation is key for this and the more the merrier. However, we all completely respect and understand if you are not willing and/or able to join.

Make the jump and let the games begin...

Game 1 - "Copy and Paste My Face!"

This is very simple but everyone must follow the rules.

  • If you would like to participate in the game and are willing to have other members post pictures of what they think you look like, just say "I want to be the next contestant on 'Copy and Paste my Face!'" in the subject line of a new comment. That is considered your entrance into the game.
  • At that point, all other members can reply to your comment and post a picture of what they've always thought they looked like. To keep things neat and organized, please make sure to reply to the correct comment thread.
  • Rec any pictures that you think are accurate and/or funny. 
  • Do not post pictures of any members who do not ask for it or who have not entered the game. That will be cause for immediate ban. 
  • If you are sensitive in any way, I strongly recommend not participating.
  • Pictures must conform with CSC community guidelines.
  • Do not post real pictures of yourself. See Game 2.


Game 2 - "Member Mix & Match"

This part is even more simple but contestants will need to be brave of heart. 

  • If you would like, you can email me ( a picture of yourself, fully clothed please, and your CSC member name.
  • Next weekend, I will put together a post with the pictures of everyone who  emailed me along with their member name, only all mixed up and out of order. 
  • Everyone else will attempt to match the member with their real picture and submit their answers in that comment section. 
  • The answers and the real identities will then be revealed the following day. 

So if you'd like to participate in "Copy and Paste My Face!", you can jump right in below. If you'd like to be one of our lovely models for "Member Mix & Match", send me and email with your picture and member name. 

So who is ready to play, "Copy and Paste My Face!"?