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Tweets from Who Dat Nation: Darren Sharper Re-Signs Edition


It's been a while since we last caught up with our favorite football players via the world of Twitter. Let's check in on them and see what's been going on over the past 24 hours.

Good Morning

T_Porter22 Early in the morning #NowPlaying- Young Jeezy ft Plies- Lose My #fool....wake up tweeps

usama_young28 I'm off to a late start this AM... Gotta get movin. Late start means late hours. Stay focused



Time to hit the gym

ChaseDaniel Headed in to workout early then charity golf tournament out at English Turn today! Shotgun start at 1:30pm

Pierre_Thomas gettin it in today...its another day to get better!

MalcolmJenkins it was so humid this morning during our workout... and we were inside so it just made the air even thicker...

T_Porter22 N.O. Saints morning work out + Sonic Boom training=#dead



You gotta twEAT

JeremyShockey Getting some food! then on the way to work!!

JeremyShockey PITA PIT!!!!!!

JeremyShockey Well just got done eating with D Sharper and Sed Ellis i wish i played defense lol.Glad sharp is back and always a pleasure to be around Sed

usama_young28 Been a loooooong, but productive day. Jus finished grubbin wit my boys @robyslyfe and @T_Porter22. Celtics v cavs over... Time to knock. GN



Travelling the world

Pierre_Thomas Travel with the World Champs to the World Cup in South Africa!! Follow the link for details:...    

Pierre_Thomas I'm hearing that these soccer fans are as crazy as our WhoDatNation...I dont know if that's possible! We have the greatest fans in da world!

drewbrees @Pierre_Thomas Good luck buddy. Be safe over there. It is a beautiful country. You will have a great time.

Pierre_Thomas @drewbrees thanks, i'm looking forward to the trip and seeing as much of the country as possible....World Champs to the World Cup!! Who Dat!


And now, "Deep Thoughts" with Jeremy Shockey and Pierre Thomas

JeremyShockey "When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you." - African Proverb

Pierre_Thomas #2010YearOf CHANGE! You must be the change you wish to see in the world. - Gandhi



Players react to Darren Sharper signing

JeremyShockey Just heard Sharper is staying with the Saints.... that makes my yr

JeremyShockey Per a league source, Sharper will sign a one-year deal. His primary goal, we're told, is to pursue another championship.

BillyMiller83 RT @sharper42: To the entire WHO-DAT Nation, guess what? I'M BAACKK!---. Congrats bud, go get another one!

Harp41 @sharper42 Thats what I'm talkin about!

usama_young28 @sharper42 been loafin this whole time

jgoody76 Lol now everyone can stop asking me why we didn't sign @sharper42 back!

reggie_bush Fresh off the press: New Orlean Saints resign Darren Sharper!

JeremyShockey Sharper is staying!!! good new



Reggie Bush: Parenting 101

reggie_bush I'm eating at this restraunt and this little kid is acting a damn nut! And her parents just letting her go crazy! Boy if that was my kid....


reggie_bush Man I remember one time I tried my mom, she went to the roomand got that "act right" and whoop my a$@....had nothing but respect ever since!

reggie_bush Man I remember one time I tried my mom, she went to the room and got that "act right" and whooped my a$@...never again did I get out of line

reggie_bush YOU KNOW what that "act right" is! Lol! It's basically anything they can grab to whoop you with!! Belt, cord, shoes, switch, hand, etc...



Only from Shockey

JeremyShockey Watching TWINS what a great movie! Can you believe arnold is the governor of Cali^^ He's someone i would like to meet and drink a beer with$



Making the world a better place

drewbrees I really hope we can get this oil leak fixed before it causes more damage. Terrible deal. My heart goes out to the wildlife and wetlands

reggie_bush Hope they catch the person who is responsible for the car bombing scare in New York....

ChaseDaniel For everyone who's graduating from college this week & next...congratulations on all the hard work & live it up! It's bittersweet



Good Night

JeremyShockey well got an early wake in the am!! Tomm is going to be a great day!! GOD BLESS***** GNIGHT EVERYONE!!

T_Porter22 I'm about to be knocked out cold....c ya l8r



The Rest

Ekom54 what to do, what to do...

drewbrees I will be making an appearance at a school tomorrow for the Pepsi Take a Player to School. Can't tell you which one. It's a surprise #fb

LanceMoore16 Happy Birthday Mom!!! Love u.

JeremyShockey @reggie_bush you in nola??

HeathEvans Hanging a mirror for Beth that weighs a billion pounds! Workout #3 for the day!