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Ridiculously Early 2010 Saints Roster Breakdown: Running Back

It's been a good while since our last ridiculously early Saints roster breakdown. With the recent claiming of P.J. Hill of waivers, what better time to cover running backs in our series. The starting spots are set with Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush so there's nothing to discuss there. But as for the remaining roster spots, there is a lot up for grabs. Nothing is safe.

Make the jump to see what we'll have to look forward to this summer in the running back department. As always, this thread is open for intense, hardcore commenting.


Pierre Thomas, Reggie Bush

Technically Pierre is still a restricted free agent but I think it's pretty safe to assume that he'll be under contract with the Saints in due time. Reggie, I believe the only running back on the roster who was drafted, will of course be back in his usual role with the team for the 2010 season. Move along. Nothing to see here.


Lynell Hamilton

Hamilton has been waiting in the wings for two years now and given the current depth chart, this year will probably be his best chance ever to grab the ball and run with it, metaphorically and literally. He looked pretty good in the final game of the regular season against Carolina and I remember being impressed in his limited role during the playoff crushing of the Cardinals. This is his spot to lose.

On the bubble

P.J Hill

I'm noticing that people who like P.J. Hill, really like P.J. Hill. He's got a lot of cheerleaders. Oooooh Weeee! What up with that!? Hill was good enough to make the Saints practice squad last year until plucked from us by the Eagles in October. Now he's back with a year under his belt and a decent chance of cracking the lineup. Start grindin'.


Chris Ivory, Carlos Brown, Christian Ducre

The Saints are pretty darn good at finding quality undrafted running backs so there's a solid chance one of these guys will impress us during training camp. Let me be honest: I have no idea which one of these guys that would be. But I sure am looking forward to finding out.