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Approval Rating: Grading the Saints Off-Season

Two months ago this was looking like the most boring off-season ever. But with the draft, some recent signings and a vicodin scandal hanging overhead, things have picked up - for better or worse - in the excitement department.

I figure now is as good a time as any to take the temperature of Who Dat Nation and see how everyone out there is feeling about the job the organization has done so far this off-season? So please cast your vote in our poll below and give the team a grade thus far.

Perhaps you think the Saints have made all the right moves to make a run at another championship. Or maybe they still need to lock up a few players before you can officially give them a passing grade. It could be that the draft has left a bad taste in your mouth. Whatever you're thoughts are, now is the time to let them be heard. Elaborating and further discussion is highly encouraged in the comment section.