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Tweets from Who Dat Nation: Minicamp Edition


Let's check in one more time with all the players and see what's poppin' in the world of Twitter. Is that how the kids say it these days?  

To and From New Orleans

alexbrown96 Headed to work about to get this workout in early and then head to the Chi for the weekend.

Ekom54   NOLA here i come!!!

JeremyShockey Going in for work!!! think today the rookies arrive..

LanceMoore16 Welp, missed my flight home and now I have to fly standby. Why do u have one security line open with hundreds of people waiting 

alexbrown96 At NO airport headed to Chicago....Be back on Monday getting after it, everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Ekom54 jus landed in dallas en route to NOLA n as we wait to de-plane this lady next to me is filing her nails!!! if sumtn ends up on me.......


Ekom54 at the Hilton in NOLA!!! feel blessed to be here

Ekom54 now to the facilities!

LanceMoore16 Finally made it home. Now I'm out with my mom getting more stuff for my house. Its probably gonna be a long one lol


Say it ain't so

alexbrown96 No way!Say it aint so! My football idol growing up.RT @TheRedzoneorg: Lawrence Taylor arrested in rape allegation

Ekom54 damnnn Lawrence Taylor, say it aint so......


Shout Outs

Pierre_Thomas Happy birthday to my boy @Oneandonlycp3

MalcolmJenkins Hi mom!... ( i know she reads all my tweets)

PatRob21   Man I just wanna say I'm so happy for all the guys I played with at FSU thats going to the next level.


And now, "Deep Thoughts" with Darren Sharper...

sharper42 The mountain seems as though it's large and insurmountable, but if you look at it from the sky it seems minature. Everything is relative.


Usama Young's High School Jersey

usama_young28 RT @modelchicbadd: @usama_young28 Look at you!LHS I went there today! Thas wasup.Rmember somebody stole my 28?!



Miller Time

BillyMiller83 Just saw a REAL ad for twitter addiction! When do you know your addicted to Twitter?

BillyMiller83 Man when I say WHO DAT in California people look at me like I am crazy! Miss yall New Orleans!!


Pleasures, Guilty or Otherwise

JeremyShockey Done with work!!! now prob going to get some sun at the pool..

HeathEvans I shouldnt be eating this but this Big Mac is soooo good!!

bobbymccray The new Ferrari GTO 599 is have to check it out...GEEZZZ


The Rest

drewbrees @BillyMiller83 Little man is getting big. He doesn't walk anymore, he runs!

bobbymccray Coming soon to my game worn cleats and gloves. Even my super bowl cleat sare going up on the site.

MalcolmJenkins Has anyone seen the drink called "Drank" ?

drewbrees Reminder about my golf tourney in San Diego May 21-23.Please visit for sponsorship info. See you there

bobbymccray Let's Go Al Horford......go gators

sharper42 Costs

jgoody76 welcome back to cola. No progress