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Thank You Letter to the Saints from 'The Missing 1200'

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mr. Michael Stanfield
Vice President of Ticket & Suite Sales
New Orleans Saints
5800 Airline Drive
Metairie, LA 70003

Dear Mr. Stanfield:

We are writing to thank you for your efforts in relocating many of the 1,200 season ticket holders who were displaced by ongoing renovations to the Superdome. Our grass roots group, the Missing 1200, formed two months ago to help ensure all lost seats were relocated before the 2010 season. All along, you shared our goal of returning every roofbanging fan from Sections 635 - 645 to the Superdome by September 9 when the Super Bowl XLIV banner drops.

Based on your May 3 start in making relocation offers and the team's public statement that all affected account holders have been contacted directly, we feel confident that your staff is working hard to relocate all of the Missing 1200. Just as important is the team's statement that approximately 300 of the 330 affected accounts (about 1,000 of the 1,200 seats) have made relocation decisions. We also express our gratitude for your future work throughout the summer and next season in helping us find our permanent seat in the Superdome.

Perhaps the most impressive actions taken by the New Orleans Saints throughout this process were your own willingness to share your cell phone number with affected account holders and your promise to respond to every relocation question sent your way. Thank you for recognizing our commitment to the Who Dat Nation and responding to our concerns.

While we know that every member of the Missing 1200 has a different story - and very few were able to relocate with "neighbors" from their old section - we trust that your offer to work with every account holder until they are 100% satisfied with their seats will allow some to return to their old sections and/or recreate their "neighborhoods" in new sections. As new seats come available in Sections 635 - 645, we ask that you first offer those seats to account holders who originally sat in those sections. We believe this is a first step toward restoring the magic we worked so hard to create at the top of the Dome.

Spread throughout the energized Superdome, we won't be as easy to spot on September 9, but the Thursday night national television audience will be sure to hear us. And more importantly, our World Champion New Orleans Saints will be sure to feel our indomitable Who Dat spirit.

The Missing 1200