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Canal Street Question: Should Reggie Keep His Heisman?

You didn't think we would go without discussing this, did you?

I will spare you too many of my opinions since I think our buddy, ESPN NFL South blogger extraordinaire Pat Yasinskas sums it up best and shares the same thoughts as me...

Let's be realistic, and honest, here. Bush was still a kid when the violations supposedly occurred. Blame the people who were running USC's program at the time, blame Bush's parents or blame the agents he got tied up with. 

Blame Bush, too, but let's keep it in perspective. Bush isn't the first, or last, college kid to do something wrong. Not every college coach is Joe Paterno.    

This isn't a Reggie wrongdoing so much as it's a problem with the entire system that condones it. But what do you think? Should Reggie be stripped of his Heisman? Will Reggie be stripped of his trophy? Even if they do take it away, does it really change anything he's done?