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Saints Predict-A-Poll: Sack Total

The Saints haven't been able to put quality pressure on the quarterback since the turn of the century, when they notched a whopping 66 sacks during the 2000 season. Last year they tallied only 35, still an improvement over recent years but nothing really to write home about.

One of the keys to the teams success in their post-season run to the championship was the Saints ability to constantly rattle opposing quarterbacks Kurt Warner and Brett Favre. This off-season, they have cut some dead weight and added a few pieces at both defensive line and linebacker with the intention of getting even more penetration and causing significantly more disruption in their opponents backfield.

So today's big question is quick and easy: How many sacks will the Saints finish the regular season with this year?

Remember, the purpose of this series of posts will be to record everyone's predictions about the 2010 Saints season, with each post covering a specific topic. While this post may be discussing the total number of sacks specifically, feel free to elaborate and go into detail about any and all of your prognostications regarding the Saints defensive line play next season in this post, particularly who will be getting most of those sacks and just how many. After the season, we will go back to this post and others like it for a good laugh or a pat on the back.