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Saints Trade Jammal Brown to Washington Redskins

The Saints have traded Jammal Brown to the Washington Redskins today for a conditional 2011 draft pick, either third or fourth round, dependent on the performance of new Skins quarterback, Donavan McNabb. The deal could also possibly score the Saints a 2012 draft pick dependent on Brown's performance.

Surprisingly, it was our very own Jeff Duncan who appears to have been the first on the scene with this speculative tweet. Score one for the local reporters!

I'm hearing there might be some legs to the Jammal Brown-to-the-Redskins deal. Working it as we speak

More details after the jump...

But it's ESPN's Adam Schefter that has the nitty gritty details about what the Saints will receive as compensation. I will let them explain...

The Saints' compensation in the deal is tied to the Redskins' trade with the Eagles for quarterback Donovan McNabb.

According to a league source, Washington owes the Eagles a third- or fourth-round pick in 2011 for McNabb, based on how the quarterback plays or the team performs. If the Redskins win nine games, or go to the playoffs, or McNabb gets selected to the Pro Bowl, then Philadelphia will receive Washington's third-round pick and New Orleans will get Washington's fourth. If none of those happen, then the Eagles will get the Redskins' fourth-round pick and the Saints will get the Redskins' third-round pick.

If New Orleans receives Washington's fourth-round pick, then the Redskins will get a sixth- or seventh-round pick back from the Saints. However, if Washington's fourth-round pick goes to Philadelphia, then the Redskins get fifth-round pick from the Saints.

There is also a conditional 2012 sixth-round pick involved. Should Brown play 90 percent of the plays next season or get voted to the Pro Bowl, then Washington will send its 2012 sixth-round pick to New Orleans. After Saturday's trade, Washington has six picks left in the 2011 draft.

Fans have been speculating for weeks about the future of Brown, who is now expendable thanks to Jermon Bushrod's rise last year and the drafting of 2nd round pick, Charles Brown. I'm definitely in favor of this move. It was apparent Jammal Brown was unhappy and did not want to be in New Orleans anymore. At least the Saints were able to get some value out of him, though it's arguable whether they received enough given how valuable the OT position can be.