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Saints Predict-A-Poll: 1,000-Yard Rusher?

It seems the Saints running game is in serious doubt next season, according to at least one main stream media "expert." As my front page colleague, MtnExile, so eloquently pointed out yesterday evening: that's pure lunacy. Maybe or maybe not. I certainly understand how an outsider could question the Saints ability to run the ball this year. With Mike Bell out of the picture, the team is losing 654 yards of total rushing offense.

All of this got me thinking, however, about how the Saints would actually maintain this success on the ground. Lynell Hamilton or P.J. Hill may impress this season, but not that much right? So if the Saints expect to roll along at a similar clip in 2010, it stands to reason that production will need to come from either Pierre Thomas or Reggie Bush. Somebody is going to have to step up their game.

So the question today, in what may or may not become a regular series of posts this off-season, is simple: Will the Saints have a running back rush for over 1,000 yards this regular season? If so, who will it be?

The purpose of this series of posts will be to record everyone's predictions about the 2010 Saints season, with each post covering a specific topic. Feel free to elaborate and go into detail about any and all of your prognostications for the Saints running game next season in this post. After the season, we will go back to this post and others like it for a good laugh or a pat on the back.