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United Saints of America: An Interactive Map

Ever wanted a handy, interactive map showing where all of the players on the Saints roster were born? You did!?! Well holy crap, that's exactly what I put together here today! Geez, what are the chances? Weird. 

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As of last night, there were 86 total players listed on the roster of the official New Orleans Saints website, including restricted free agents still unsigned and players on IR (already?). The interactive map above breaks down which players were born in which states. The darker a state, the more players were born in that state. Move over a state with your mouse and you'll see how many and which players were born there.

Did you know that Jabari Greer is the only player from Tennessee? I didn't. 

Interestingly, the Black & Gold represent 32 of our country's 50 states as well as the District of Columbia (Usama Young). Of those 31 states, Texas contributes the most with twelve overall players, including the one and only Drew Brees. California and Florida are tied for second most with seven players each. Had I done this yesterday, before the release of Bobby McCray, Florida would have been the second biggest contributor by itself. Surprisingly, Louisiana falls all the way to fourth on the list of total players with only six on the roster. 

Only one player was not born in the U.S. and therefore not included in our map. Rookie Junior Galette is originally from Port Au Prince, Haiti. Did you know that?

So what stands out to you? How many players come from your state? 

Much thanks to One.Cool.Customer at Blogging the Boys for coming up with this idea and helping me execute this post. Even though he's a Cowboys fan.