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Saints Predict-A-Poll: Interceptions

Arguably the most important contributing factor to the Saints defensive turnaround last season was the vast improvement made to their once laughable secondary. With the addition of players like Darren Sharper and Jabari Greer combined with the new attitude and focus on turnovers brought in by new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, the unit became ballhawking, interception machines.

The Saints racked up an impressive 26 interceptions during the 2009 regular season, significantly more than any other Saints team in recent years past. It was good enough to earn the Saints the third best interception rate in the league. Since 2002, the Saints were never better than 14th in that category.

Whether they can continue that type of production and carry it over from last season to next is the crux of today's question. Just how many total interceptions will the Saints come up with during the 2010 season and which players will contribute most?

Remember, the purpose of this series of posts will be to record everyone's predictions about the 2010 Saints season, with each post covering a specific topic. While this post may be discussing interceptions specifically, feel free to elaborate and go into detail about any and all of your prognostications regarding the Saints secondary next season. After the season, we will go back to this post and others like it for a good laugh or a pat on the back.