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CSC All-Time Saints Team Nominations: Tight End

We've entered that period of time between final OTAs and the start of training camp known officially as the slowest, most boring part of the NFL off-season. Prepare yourself because the news is going to start coming at a snails pace for the next few weeks with very little to discuss.

Fortunately, we've got the continuation of last years Canal Street Chronicles All-Time Saints Team to fall back on and get us through these trying times.  I know this will make those readers who love to discuss Saints history very excited.

For our newer members who aren't familiar with what we're doing here or for our veteran members with terrible memories, please read the first introductory post from last summer to easily catch up. Some of you are lazy and won't do that so here is the crux of what you need to know.

We are all going to work together and decide on the greatest players to ever play in the black and gold at each position. I will put together a post listing the most obvious player nominees for each position. At that time you guys can make your own nominations in the comment section if you feel I have left anyone out or you have a personal favorite. All nominations within reason will be accepted. Once we've agreed on all of the possible candidates, it will be put to a vote in a follow-up post at a pre-announced, scheduled time. Voting will be open for exactly 48 hours. The winner will be elected to Canal Street Chronicles' All-Time Saints team and placed on the sidebar for everyone to see. Any position that requires two players i.e. wide receiver, cornerback etc. will have separate elections.

The current CSC All-Time Saints Team can always be found on the right sidebar just a ways down the page below our featured stories. But for those who tend to miss the obvious, I have included the roster after the jump.

All of our posts in this series also get put into the CSC All-Time New Orleans Saints Team section on the left sidebar just below the main logo, for easy reference any time. 

So to get us back into the swing of things we're going to start by choosing the teams one and only tight end. After the jump is a list of players I've deemed worthy of inclusion in our discussion of Saints greats at the position. 

The poll will open at 6am Central tomorrow morning and will be open for exactly 48 hours, ending on Thursday, July 1st.

I now open it up for any other nominations or players that you just can't believe I missed. There very well may be a glaring omission. Talk it out in the comment section. I would also love to hear some personal rumination from our readers who've actually watched these guys play. Remember, this isn't just about choosing a player but allowing readers to share their memories of these players and educating those of us who never had a chance to see them. 

Hoby Brenner



D.O.B.: 6/2/1959

College: USC

NFL Experience: 13 seasons

Seasons with Saints:  1981-1993

Notables: Eighth among Saints all-time in career touchdowns (21). Seventh among Saints all-time in career receptions (267). Fifth among Saints all-time in receiving yards (3,849). 1987 Pro-Bowl selection.

Henry Childs

Height: 6'2"


D.O.B.: 4/16/1951

College: Kansas State

NFL Experience: 10 seasons

Seasons with Saints: 1974-1980

Notables: Fifth among Saints all-time in career receiving touchdowns (27). Seventh among Saints all-time in career receiving yards (3,224). Eleventh among Saints all-time in career receptions (207). 1979 Pro-Bowl selection.



Current CSC All-Time Saints Team

Position Player Seasons
QB -- --
RB -- --
FB Craig Heyward 1988-1992
WR Joe Horn 2000-2006
WR Eric Martin 1985-1993
TE -- --
OT Willie Roaf 1993-2001
OG Jim Dombrowski 1986-1996
C Jerry Fontenot 1997-2003
OG -- --


Stan Brock 1980-1992
Position Player Seasons

(12 players chosen to accommodate either a 3-4 or a 4-3)

DE Wayne Martin 1989-1999
DT La'Roi Glover 1997-2001
DT -- --
DE Joe Johnson 1994-2001
OLB Rickey Jackson 1981-1993
ILB Sam Mills 1986-1994
ILB Vaughan Johnson 1986-1993
OLB Pat Swilling 1986-1992
CB Eric Allen 1995-1997
SS Sammy Knight 1997-2002
FS -- --
CB -- --