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Saints Saturday Minicamp Updates

Here's what's happening out on Airline Dr. this morning. This post will be continuously updated so keep checking back. Click the picture to see more from yesterday's practices. 



LanceMoore16 Oh yes, its day two of mini-camp. Ready to get it for the fans today. Hopefully the weather cooperates. Holla at ya'll later!

iWillSmith Another day of Mini-Camp, it's gonna be a hot one!!!!!

wwltvsports FYI for those attending #Saints minicamp: It's 8 a.m. at the facility and there's already a beefy line to get into the stands.

jeffduncantp It's going to be a hot one at #Saints minicamp practice today. At 9:41 a.m. it's 88 degrees with 72 percent humidity.

LipLinebackers Clint Gresham, num47, is obvi teachers pet. He is the first player on the field. He is too cute.

LipLinebackers Sean Canfield is HOT.

LipLinebackers Good thing Drew Brees doesn't have to catch footballs...he just missed a couple of catches...

LipLinebackers Patrick Robinson doesn't look particularly fast to me...but I hope I'm proven wrong

LipLinebackers Shockey and Hartley's friendship is the stuff of a VH1 reality tv show. Truth.

lholder_cbs_nba It was a given, but there's plenty of peeps at#Saints minicamp already to watch players run around in helmets and shorts.

jeffduncantp Only in New Orelans: Minicamp WhoDat crowd just seranaded #Saints WR Marques Colston with "Happy Birthday Song." He turned 27 today.

LipLinebackers Hamilton looking and playing like he wants to be a starter. Getting a lot of snaps.

LipLinebackers Did Shockey's jersey shrink in the wash?

LipLinebackers Make no mistake...Drew Brees is ALL MAN.

wwltvsports M jenkins has not been seen at prax, but shockey is in attendance

jeffduncantp Usama Young is working at FS with first-team defense in place of Sharper (rehab) and Malcolm Jenkins (absent). Update on Jenkins post-prax.

wwltvsports Fans already asking players to sack favre. Players are only stretching at this point

LipLinebackers Tom Benson might be more overdressed than I am in suit pants, buttton up shirt, and suspenders. 

LipLinebackers All the men on staff at the #saints look like sean payton from a distance.

LipLinebackers I think I'm the only person in my bleacher area NOT drinking.

LipLinebackers Canfield looking better than Daniel in my opinion. And by looking better I mean, I would want to date him

LipLinebackers Chase daniel is just whiffing them. Is whiffing a word? What is the word for "throwing really badly?"

LipLinebackers I am already in love with Jimmy Graham. He will totes be making an impact this season.

LipLinebackers Oh man. Mike Triplett is near. Things 'bout to get ugly up in here.

LipLinebackers Rookie Joe Tonga just intercepted Drew Brees, y'all. 

wwltvsports Play of 1 on 1: colston. Catches ball over greer, who had jumped route. Big cheer from fans.

jeffduncantp   M.Colston putting on a show right in individual passing drills. Beat blanket coverage by J.Greer twice. Left Greer just shaking his head.

LipLinebackers Everybody LOVES Jimmy Graham.    

AlreadyB fan just screamed out, "Sharper I'm a hit u up on Twitter" lmao    

LipLinebackers The media section is all men. Sexist. Maybe @wwltvsports will try to sneak me in. I have good commentary.    

LipLinebackers I think If I had these position coaches yelling at me, I would be in SUCH good shape.

LipLinebackers These guys sitting behind me have plowed through about 25 beers already.

LipLinebackers The special teams are wearing these orange caps. I'm not going to lie -- it reminds me of OPP

LipLinebackers I can't get over how sean canfield is the perfect package. I am in such hearts

LipLinebackers   TE Jimmy Graham males everybody else on the field look SO small. He's also got quite the pair of hands.

LipLinebackers What they say is true: the D never stops trying to strip the ball -- even in practice.

LipLinebackers Lots of defensive takeaways at #saints practice

LipLinebackers Trying to start a wave. Let's see how this goes

LipLinebackers   This drunk guy has started arguing with me abt the merits of chase daniel. Is it even noon yet?? Too early.

LipLinebackers Jahri Evans' cousin is going to law school at Drexel next year. Good luck with 1L!    

jeffduncantp #Saints minicamp observations: Malcolm Jenkins did not practice this morning but he's OK. He said he bumped knees with a teammate on Friday.

wwltvsports Talked with M Jenkins. Said he bumped his knee yesterday and it swelled up last night. Took this morning off, likely afternoon, too.

jeffduncantp #Saints minicamp observations: Saints installed their 3-4 defense today. Troy Evans worked w/ 1s at SLB. Bobby McCray also saw time at OLB.

wwltvsports Only a few standout plays from this morning, including Brees hitting TE J Graham over the middle for a long would-be touchdown.

jeffduncantp #Saints minicamp observations: DTs Anthony Hargrove & Sedrick Ellis also saw reps at DE in the 3-4.

jeffduncantp #Saints minicamp observations: CB play was very good today. WRs made some plays, particularly Colston & Lance Moore, but coverage was solid.

jeffduncantp #Saints minicamp observations: Rough day overall for the QBS not named Brees. Saints will sign a veteran backup before camp. Book it.

wwltvsports @LipLinebackers There were at least 3 women in the media corps today. Just stood on the other side of the field.

wwltvsports J Stinchcomb appears to be progressing well. He's limited, but practicing. Heath Evans is in the same boat.

wwltvsports Payton said TE Jimmy Graham is rotating in with the 1's. I'm saying you can read into that. Graham looks the part.

jeffduncantp #Saints minicamp: Morning hilite was either rookie TE Jimmy Graham's long TD on a seam route from Brees or U.Young's clothesline of R.Bush.

jeffduncantp Ellis and/or Ayodele with 1s. @srevolution What can you tell us about Patrick Robinson and who was the NT in the 3-4?

LipLinebackers @wwltvsports I ended up seeing them later. At first I thought they were saintsations, so I guess I'm the sexist one...

LipLinebackers I'd like to thank all the players who so graciously signed my law school book. And coach p-diddy payton too

LipLinebackers Best athletic performance: Jimmy Graham; best convo: Jahri Evans; Prettiest Face: Sean Canfield; Love of my life: Greg Paulus.



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