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Member Mix & Match Results

 All of the numbers from our first ever Member Mix & Match contest have been crunched and the official results are in. With six correct answers out of nine, we have a two way tie for the top spot. A total of fourteen people submitted guesses. Keep in mind our two leaders, HansDat and Monkey Poop Battle, were participants in the contest and automatically got themselves correct, giving them a distinct advantage so take these results with a grain of salt. 

Thanks to everyone for participating! 

Here are the final standings:

CSC Member # Correct Answers
HansDat 6
Monkey Poop Battle 6
Dan Kelly 5
Dang Hu Dat 5
coldpizza 3
Grumps 3
Cajun in CA 3
SaintsFanMD 3
jon08ban 3
SaintsFan-KS 1
WVPiratesfan 1
Big and Easy 1
SaintsFanInIraq 1
saint_chew 0


Correct answers and the pictures with correct member names attached to them are after the jump, just for kicks. 

For those of you keeping score at home, here are the correct answers:

1. G - Monkey Poop Battle  

2. E - Cajun in CA 

3. F - maybetoday   

4. I - HansDat  

5. C - Joseph William Stern  

6. D - Grumps  

7. H - SaintsFanMD  

8. B - GSO Saints fan  

9. A - Big and Easy


#1 - Monkey Poop Battle


#2 - Cajun in CA


#3 - maybetoday


#4 - HansDat


#5 - Joseph William Stern


#6 - Grumps


#7 - SaintsFanMD


#8 - GSO Saints Fan


#9 - Big and Easy