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2010 New Orleans Saints Minicamp Recap

The Saints still have some OTAs on the schedule this week and later this month but the heavy-duty minicamp work ended yesterday. Hope you enjoyed it because that was the last real football we'll see them play until training camp starts.

So what did we learn from this weekend? In case you weren't following all the action here on Canal Street Chronicles all weekend, constantly clicking the refresh button for updates, here is a little recap I put together that I think sums everything up nicely and concisely. Just remember: the players weren't hitting or wearing pads.

Attendance Report

Pierre Thomas and Jammal Brown skipped all sessions.

Devery Henderson (sports hernia), Robert Meachem (toe), Jon Stinchcomb (sports hernia) and Heath Evans (knee) were limited.

Clint Ingram (knee), Darren Sharper (knee), Jimmy Wilkerson (knee) and Glenn Sharpe (unknown) did not participate in most or all sessions.

Malcolm Jenkins bruised his knee on Friday and missed the final three sessions.

Jeremy Shockey missed Saturday morning's session with a bad back.

The Jimmy Graham Show

The hype surrounding this kid is ridiculous. We've only had three days of action in the 2010 season and I'm already sick of hearing Jimmy Graham's name. Based on the early reports this week it sounds as if the voting process for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award will be just a mere formality this season. Graham was getting rep's with the first team and his long touchdown catch from Drew Brees on a seam route was one of the best plays of the weekend. But he's not officially a Saint until going through a Saints right of passage: Sports hernia surgery.

Freakin' hot, hot, hot

What else is new? Same story every year.

Quarterback Woes

Other than Drew Brees, who is still awesome by the way, the quarterback play was a little inconsistent. Both Chase Daniel and Sean Canfield had moments of brilliance and moments of...not so much. Which may be why we learned yesterday that the Saints have pretty much completed a deal to acquire veteran QB Patrick Ramsey.


I've noted this more than once but it's amazing how far the Saints have come the last two years with respect to their pass defense; from laughing stock to no laughing matter. Jabari Greer reportedly looked very solid, not being hampered by that groin injury anymore. And now with first round pick Patrick Robinson, who impressed during early practices this weekend, they've got depth to weather that unexpected mid-season injury storm. I heard both Jeff Duncan and Bobby Hebert this weekend posit that this could be the best secondary in the 44 year history of the Saints. What do you guys think?

Top 3 plays not made by Jimmy Graham

1. Colston makes a grab over Jabari Greer's blanket coverage and comes down with the ball.

2. Sean Canfield hits Larry Beavers on a slant route, and Beavers kicks it up a gear for 60 yards.

3. Usama Young clotheslines Reggie Bush, nearly taking his head off.

Conflicting Stories

What are we to make of second year safety Chip Vaughn? In his V-log yesterday, Jeff Duncan said he liked the way Vaughn looked this weekend. Bradley Handwerger, however, didn't think Vaughn stood out. Who are we to believe? I'll choose to be optimistic on this one; I'm going with Duncan.

Not to be forgotten...

A couple of sources this weekend noted that Lance Moore looked really good. Nice to see him returning to form as camp stud.