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Saints Game Changing Off-Season Moves: The 2010 Draft


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It really is starting to get difficult for me to come up with moves made by the Saints this off-season that might be deemed worthy of the title, 'game changing.' So much so that I've made today's featured move the entire Saints 2010 draft. We know it will eventually produce at least one difference maker, right? The only question is who that will be. It may take a few seasons for the dust will settle and to know exactly which of the six players chosen by the Saints in this years draft will turn out to be great decisions. But until then, we can only wait and speculate.

Game Changing Move #4 - April 22nd - 24th, 2010 - The Saints draft....someone.

So far, Jimmy Graham appears to be the most likely candidate to become 'game changing.' At least getting their first. Already surrounded by a lot of hype since the moment he was drafted, the former basketball player backed it up this weekend at minicamp, taking reps with the first team and making big plays. Granted it's only pads, all signs look good.

Offensive tackle Charles Brown also has a good chance of becoming a vital part of the team if he really does possess the talent potential that scouting reports claim. And while tackles aren't out there catching passes and scoring touchdowns, protecting Drew's blind side could very well be the most important job on the field.

First round pick Patrick Robinson had some struggles this weekend but it's still early and there's got to be a reason he was considered a steal, even in the first round. Stuck behind Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter at the moment, Robinson has a much more difficult path to travel in order to make a name for himself.

Facing an even tougher road to becoming a 'game changer' for the Saints because of the current depth on the roster is quarterback Sean Canfield. As long as Drew Brees is a Saint and healthy, Canfield can only hope to be number two. If he is ever to become a household name, it will be a long time from now or with another team.

It would be great to see fourth round selection Al Woods carve out a wonderful career for himself with the Saints. Honestly, I don't remember hearing one word about Al during this weekends minicamp reports. That could be good or it could be bad.

Purely because of the nature of the position he plays, center Matt Tennant will probably never be considered 'game changing.' He could become the best center in the league but still never earn that title in the eyes of most fans, which doesn't seem fair. Let's hope we have that problem.

So which player's drafting will be considered one of the Saints biggest off-season game changing moves, if not next year than in years to come?