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Saints Predict-A-Poll: The Passing Game

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We've already covered the future of the Saints running and receiving games in our Predict-A-Poll series of posts so it's only natural to discuss passing as well. Obviously when we talk about what's in store for the Saints passing game next season, we're really talking about one man and his possible accomplishments: Drew Brees.

Drew is the driving force behind the Saints offense. The heart and soul. The beginning and the end. The toad and the wet sprocket. As Brees goes, so go the Saints. Fortunately, he's put up superb numbers his entire time in New Orleans with no signs of slowing down.

So today I'm asking: What kind of numbers will Drew put up next season? Will he once again complete more than 70% of his passes? Will his passer rating exceed 100.0? How many interceptions will he throw? Or will he succumb to the curse of the Madden cover?

For easy reference and to help you prognosticate, here are Drew's stats from the last four years:

Cmp Att Cmp% Yds Yds/Att Long TD Int Sacks Sk Yds Rating
2006 356 554 64.3 4418 8.0 86 26 11 18 105 96.3
2007 440 652 67.5 4423 6.8 58 28 18 16 109 89.4
2008 413 635 65.0 5069 8.0 84 34 17 13 92 96.3
2009 363 514 70.6 4388 8.5 75 34 11 20 135 109.6

Remember, the purpose of this series of posts will be to record everyone's predictions about the 2010 Saints season, with each post covering a specific topic. While this specific post may be discussing the performance of Drew Brees in particular, feel free to elaborate and go into detail about any and all of your prognostications regarding the Saints passing game next season or the performance of any other quarterback on the roster. After the season, we will go back to this post and others like it for a good laugh or a pat on the back.