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Getting to Know You: Retro Edition

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All this time and she hasn't aged a day.

Because I really could not piece together any semblance of a post for this morning, I've decided to be what I like to call "creatively lazy."  So here are the same five questions from an incredibly old "Getting to Know You" thread published here two years ago before many of you even knew this great place existed. Since only seven members were around then to participate, I'm not worried about many of you thinking this is redundant. So let's hear your answers to these five questions:

  1. Where were you when the Saints beat St. Louis for their first franchise playoff victory?
  2. Where were you for "the punt block" on Monday night against the Falcons?
  3. What is your worst Saints memory?
  4. What was the first Saints game you attended?
  5. Have you ever met a Saint, past or present? If so, whats the story?