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Mike Florio Says Reggie Bush Should be Cut

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Everyones favorite NFL "reporter" is at it again. From the Sporting News...

Reggie Bush

The Saints rely on a multi-headed attack at tailback, and Bush is only a bit player in the offense. But the Saints owe him a base salary of $8 million for 2010.

On one hand, the Saints should have every right in an uncapped year to spend way too much on a locally beloved role player who'll never live up to the hype. On the other hand, the Saints shouldn't ignore the connection between Bush's overcompensation and their inability to sign the franchise's top running back, Pierre Thomas, to a long-term deal.

Ideally, the Saints would pressure Bush into taking less money. But he'd most likely refuse, and then the Saints would have to decide whether to call his bluff by cutting him.

So they should just cut him now. They won't, but they should.

The reaction to this is going to be epic. Can't wait. Don't let me down. Go!