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Things That Make Me Go, "Hmmm..."

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Just a few random musings to share on this Tuesday morning: 

  • I finally called my local cable provider and added the NFL Network to my current television package. Hard to believe I'm so late to the party given the fact I've been a hardcore NFL blogger for over two years now. Of course I'm kicking myself in the butt for not having made the move sooner. It's nice to have a go-to channel that will always have something at least somewhat interesting when there's absolutely nothing else to watch on every other channel. I've replaced watching my local evening news after work with a daily dose of Total Access at 6pm. But what gives with the rest of the daily program line up?  Every day they just run a constant rotation of only two or three specific shows, making Bravo and MTV appear eclectic. In fact, between the hours of 6pm last night and 12:30 this very afternoon, the only two shows the network will be airing are the latest episode of the aforementioned Total Access and NFL Classic Games: Miami Dolphins at NY Jets from 2000. What do you do when you've already watched both those programs? We need more!
  • While we're on the subject, a couple of items caught my attention while watching last night's episode of Total Access. The network reached the end of their '32 Teams in 32 Days' series yesterday, when it was revealed that the Colts were their second ranked team heading into the 2010 season, leaving the Saints in the number one spot. "It's supposed to be that way," said co-host Jamie Dukes referring to the defending Super Bowl champs retaining their title as 'The Best.' I like that line of thinking. Also quite surprising was something I noticed along the fantasy football crawl at the top of the screen: has the Saints ranked seventh overall among fantasy defenses. I personally think we may see the best Saints defense we've seen in a long time next season now that Gregg Williams is just getting comfortable. But it's nice to see others taking notice. Certainly still takes a little getting used to. Most surprising, however, were their fantasy quarterback rankings. Across the board I would think most fantasy football rankings would have Drew Brees at the top. But has - surprise, surprise - Aaron Rodgers as their highest scoring fantasy quarterback for 2010. Ummm..what!? Not only must that assume a decline in Drew's production but also an increase in Rodgers' as well. Just not something I see happening. 
  • Remember...that one time...when the Saints won the Super Bowl? That was awesome. 
  • Training camp is right around the corner but the real excitement comes on September 9th when the Saints kickoff the season at home against the Vikings. If you're like me, you hope this rematch will be a handy beat down at the expense of the Vikings, not near as close as the NFC Championship Game. Perhaps we shouldn't be so cocky though. One thing crossed my mind yesterday as I caught up on the latest in the Brett Favre saga: Not only will he be looking for revenge but Favre will be fresh. He's had an entire off-season to repair the bruised body the Saints defense left him with. Unlike last time, Favre won't be worn down by the punishment that comes with a long regular season. Just some random food for thought.