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NFL Links from Around SB Nation

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The best of the best, from the best:

Terrell Owens A low Risk, Potentially High Reward Option for Broncos - Mile High Report - Maybe T.O. isn't such a bad guy after all.
  • Heard the Footsteps Special: Why Vick Should Never Be A Starter Ever Again - Bleeding Green Nation - This guy doesn't really like Michael Vick.
  • Measuring the Immeasurable: Team Chemistry - Blogging The Boys - What, if anything does team chemistry have to do with team performance? Be careful what you wish for. One.Cool.Customer hits another out of the park.
  • Team Chemistry - How important is it? - The Phinsider - Team chemistry. People talk about it all the time. But does an NFL team really need chemistry to win?
  • Homers vs. Haters: Offseason Edition - Cat Scratch Reader - An interesting approach to debating the Panthers off-season. I'm a hater.
  • I'm tired of these San Francisco 49ers on this Superbad plane! - Niners Nation - Snakes on a Plane. Superbad. Full Metal Jacket. How do these movies respresent the San Francisco 49ers?
  • Roger Goodell Reps The Lions In Flag Football Game (PHOTO) - Pride Of Detroit - NFL commissioner Roger Goodell threw on some Lions gear during a recent flag football game.
  • Pondering the Ultimate "What If..." - Daily Norseman - Looking at what happens if Brett Favre doesn't come back for 2010. I don't know why...because he's coming back.
  • Antonio Cromartie Reveals New Nickname - Gang Green Nation - And they shall call him...ALCROTRAZ. Meh.