Ain't Dat Super? Book and Upcoming Tailgate party & Play!


Hey, good morning all you fans of the "Black and Gold!"  I don't think I've seen anything posted about this, but if you are expecting to be in the New Orleans area over Labor Day weekend, you may want to check out an event that looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun!  Check out this link here from, discussing a scheduled tailgate party and play based upon the book "Ain't Dat Super."  Look like a hilarious good time that I unfortunately will miss by just a few days.  I'm fairly sure I'll have some friends and/or relatives in attendance though!

The Ain't Dat Super website can be found here link with info on purchasing the book, along with some videos, photos, history of the team, etc.  I especially like their Creed, found after the jump.  If this information has been previously posted on CSC, well Exccuuuse Mmeee!


(Repeat 3 times to guarantee victory)

I KNOW what it's like to believe in something so much that I stick with it
even when common sense tells me to let it go.

I AM loyal even though I have been let down for a long time.

I KNOW that it just doesn't make any sense.

I CAN call it blind faith,

I CAN call it determination,

I CAN call it pure stubbornness...whatever it is,


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