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There's a New Sherriff in Town

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Dave is headed on vaca soon so I'll be making sure we have plenty of stuff to talk about while he's gone. If you're asking yourself, "Who the heck is Andrew Juge?" well, I've made the name change to follow suit with Dave's initiative. You'll remember me as "saints-nation" prior to this coming of age. So nice to meet you all, again, now that we're on a one way first name basis. I'm making a proposal while Dave is away, since he won't be around to monitor us anyway. Make the jump!

Here's the skinny: I'm really angry with Chris Paul. Some of you may be Hornets fans, while you others could probably care less what any NBA team does. It's a given that football is cooler than basketball. But the trade news has really rubbed me wrong, especially with LeBron James playing a hand in all this nonsense. I realize this is a Saints football forum but here is what I propose: the person with the most comments slighting Chris Paul at the end of the week receives a $20 iTunes gift card that I will mail to you.

You can't just comment "Chris Paul sucks" though, that would be too easy. It has to be related to the topic. Example: The topic is "Saints start training camp" followed by a comment "Man, I'm so excited football season is here and it's not time to watch Chris Paul yet." One point for you. It'll be a little competition that will give me some sense of liberation, selfishly, from the amount of grief he's caused me. As I mentioned, $20 iTunes gift card to the winner, and the more witty you are the more points you get. If you think this is stupid - which it is - then you can refrain from participating. No harm, no foul. But you do get free money for this.

Who is game for partaking in this immaturity with me?