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A Quick Recap of the State of the Saints Right Before Training Camp

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Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis addressed the media yesterday as they kick off this years training camp. You can read the official transcripts in their entirety right here but if you're too lazy to do that. here is a quick summary of the state of the team to catch you up as the Saints begin their two-a-days. Everything is open for discussion, especially your conspiracy theories about the mysterious re-signing of Bobby McCray.

  • First-round draft pick Patrick Robinson signed late last night. Everybody is at camp.
  • Colston, Meachem, Ingram and Sharper are all on the Physically Unable to Perform list.
  • Colston had knee surgery in the off-season.
  • Marques Colston and Clint Ingram are expected to be ready in a week. Meachem and Sharper are expected to be ready in two weeks.
  • Jimmy Wilkerson is full go at practice, surprisingly early.
  • Jason McKie was terminated and Earl Heyman was waived.
  • Matt Tennant's mother died and will not be at camp this weekend.
  • The catchphrase for training camp this year is Our Time.
  • The Saints installed new artificial grass in their indoor practice facility similar to the turf in the Super Dome only more padded and little softer.
  • The team was not planning on brining back Bobby McCray when they released him. Some things happened and some conversations were had in the last 30 days. The team decided to bring him back. That's literally all we know. Loomis and Payton were elusive. It's all very mysterious.
  • It sounds like it's going to be a while until Pierre Thomas gets a long-term deal.
  • Tracy Porter and Rod Harper will get some work returning punts.
  • Lance Moore and Thomas Morstead will be in the mix for placeholder.