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The New Orleans Saints All Time Worst Players and Team: Offense

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In the midst of all this celebration and jubilation that follows our team's Super Bowl victory, I have to admit I have a little bit of an empty feeling inside this offseason. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait for the season to start and I'm burning in anticipation for the September 9th clash with the Vikings. I also couldn't be more elated with how last season ended. But something is different this offseason: there is nothing to really complain about. You see, as a Saints fan for my entire life, every offseason I've been programmed to do the following:

1. Complain about how awful the Saints were the previous year.

2. Talk non-stop about the necessary changes that need to be made.

3. Complain about how the Saints failed to make said suggested changes.

Having the satisfaction of being on top means a happy customer and no thriving for change.

Before you crucify me for being a bad fan, don't tell me you don't feel the same, even if it's just a little bit. So what are we supposed to complain about now? This is where these posts come in. I present to you, in conjunction with your voting for the CSC All-Time Saints Team, the All Time Saints' Awful Team. After reading these you can go back to celebrate while feeling more complete. In fact, these names will probably make you appreciate last season even more.

QB: Heath Shuler - Shuler was the 3rd pick overall in the NFL draft by the Redskins and he played for the Saints under Mike Ditka for just one season in 1997. Shuler posted a Ryan Leaf-esque stat line throwing for just 2 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in 9 starts that season. I'm giving honorable mentions to Danny Wuerffel and Doug Nussmeier, Shuler's backups that season, for playing bad enough to allow Shuler back on the field at different points during the season.

WR: Albert Connell - Another player the Redskins hooked us up  with. Connell played for the Saints in 2001 only but was supposed to be a big time addition. The Saints gave him a 5 year, $13 million deal that included a $2.5 million signing bonus to catch 12 passes that season. Apparently that wasn't enough loot for him, because he elected to steal $4000 in cash from Deuce McAllister's locker. I blame him for Deuce's current bankruptcy issues.

WR: Lindsay Scott - The Saints had huge expectations for the UGA star picking him 13th overall in 1982. The guy rewarded them by being completely incapable of catching a cold, or getting open. He scored just one touchdown in four seasons and never had more than 24 catches in a year.

HB: Vaughn Dunbar - Mike Ditka picked Dunbar 1st overall in 1992, and after a subpar 1992 season he blew out his knee. He would come back to fumble his way through two more seasons and end it with a 3.5 yard per carry career average.

FB: Bill Butler - Butler was notorious for being an awful blocker at fullback for the Saints in the early 70's and was known for getting holding penalties called on him on almost every possession. He was supposed to be a playmaker but he only found the end zone rushing once in three seasons.

TE: Irv Smith - The 1993 draft wasn't all bad as it brought the Saints William Roaf, but Smith was a 1st round pick in that draft as well. The Notre Dame product was a mediocre blocker, he was slow, and he dropped more crucial passes than I could ever care to remember. He never scored more than 3 times in one season and he averaged less than 27 receptions per year in his 5 seasons with the Saints. Irv was also the king of false start penalties and was good for at least two a game.

T: Darryl Terrell - Arguably the worst starting left tackle in NFL history.

T: Keno Hills - How Hills remained with the team as long as he did (3 seasons) despite constantly getting beat like a drum was beyond me. Hills was famous in the late 90's for inviting any player he was blocking to positively pummel his quarterback. He was later arrested for heroin possession with intent to distribute while also carrying a fire arm. As overweight as he was I can't imagine he used that much heroin.

G: Royce Smith - 8th pick overall and he played just two seasons for the Saints in 1972 and 1973 before they got rid of him.

G: John Shinners - Shinners was a 1st round pick in 1969, and just the third player drafted by the Saints in the 1st round in team history. He ended up having a fairly lengthy and decent career, but only played two mediocre seasons with the Saints to start before they got rid of him. Should have hung on to this one.


So who did I miss? Any players that didn't make my team that you would have added?