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New Orleans Saints @ New England Patriots: Pre-Season Open Thread

Tonight, the Patriots look for revenge after the beat down administered by the Saints on Monday night in Week 12 of the 2009 regular season. You remember that game, don't you? Drew Brees was near perfect, Mike McKenzie was a mind-reader and Tom Brady sulked alone on the bench in the 4th quarter. Ahhh...those were the good old days. 

Okay, it's only the pre-season - and the first game at that - so nobody will really be exacting any revenge but I thought it was a good time to gloat a little. Remember, this is the Saints first game as defending Super Bowl champions. But this game is really a chance for both teams to start getting back into the rhythm of the NFL season and to really see what the rookies and some of the lesser known players are made of. For the guys battling it out for one of those final spots on the roster, this is their Super Bowl.

So sit back, relax, don't worry about the score and follow the players that interest you most to see how well they perform. Because that's what this is all about. 

For those fans living outside of the NOLA area and watching the replay of the game on NFL Network at 10pm Central, I will post another open thread just like this for all of you to watch and talk as if it didn't happen just four hours prior. Damn, I'm a nice guy.  

The first open thread of the 2010 title defense season is!