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Fleur-de-Links Part I: Saturday Sees the Saints Back to Work at Training Camp

Today the Saints will be grindin' back into the two-a-day groove (or Atomic Dog Walk, if you prefer) following the loss to the Patriots Thursday night.

With their first 2010 foray into the post-game process, the team has now had time to reflect, analyze, and discuss exactly what happened in that game. Was there much hollering going on in the film review sessions, or was it pretty matter-of-fact? Too bad we're not the Hard Knocks team this year.

Next up is to work on those areas of need that were brought to light in live game action, check Morstead's MRI film, keep scouring the wire for veteran punters and tailbacks, and decide who will get more playing time (Daniel or Ramsey) once Brees exits the next game vs. the Texans, and much, much more.

Follow the jump to browse last night's late and this morning's early and sparse linkage.

Don't forget to check back later on this evening (before you head out on the town) for news and notes from today's practices.

New Orleans Saints show there's plenty of room for improvement |
Pete Finney - Will 2010 team 'Two Dat' or become 'One Dat Wonders?'

New Orleans Saints training camp updated schedule |
Both Saturday practices will be held indoors.

Faulk Discusses Hometown Team's Title Defense - Marshall Faulk, who knows New Orleans, knows about defending a Super Bowl title, and had beignets in the French Quarter (not at Cafe Du Monde) during a lame pre-Super Bowl piece, sat down with Alex Restrepo of earlier this week.

State officials processing sample New Orleans Saints license tags; public sale date still unknown |
We're getting closer to having Saints La. license plates - SWEET!

NFL, players association negotiate toward new collective bargaining agreement |
All's quiet on the CBA negotiations front.

Haden says Bush didn't apologize |
Florio, Florio, wherefore art thou, Florio?