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Texans @ Saints: What to Watch

Cleaning it Up

We'll give them a pass for last week's sloppy performance in the tackling department because it was the first game of the season. Fine. But if the Saints defense doesn't get the Texans players wrapped up better tonight, expect a major rant from this blogger. That goes for the ones, twos and threes. Oh...a few turnovers would be nice as well. 


Getting it Going

Last week the first team offense came out flat; not what anyone would have expected. I'm sure Brees and company were frustrated and will want to come out with guns blazing tonight. That means not only moving the ball and getting into the end zone but also protecting Drew from the Texans dangerous pass rush. 

Front Runner

So far Chris Ivory has the slight edge in the running back battle against P.J. Hill so I will be looking to see if Ivory continues to distance himself or if Hill closes that gap. The first team will get a little more time in this weeks game so that leaves fewer chances for either of them to impress coaches. They'll have to continue making the most of their opportunities.  


Consistency is Key

Jonathan Casillas and Junior Galette shocked Who Dat Nation last week with their impressive performances against the Patriots, Casillas in particular. Now we'll need to see whether that was just a flash in the pan or the genesis of two bright defensive careers. Keep your fingers crossed for the latter. I'll even take just one if I have to. 



Adrian Arrington - He led all receivers in last weeks game against the Patriots with 87 yards. That's not such a shock. What would surprise many of us would be if he could do it again and finish the game uninjured. 

Sean Canfield - I am assuming that since he didn't get any playing time last week that Canfield will get put into the rotation tonight but I could be totally wrong. If he does get some snaps, It will be interesting to see whether he even belongs in the competition with Ramsey and Daniel. 

Rod Harper - Harper missed the first game with a hip injury. Total disappointment since he's one of the players I'm most anxious to watch this pre-season. So tonight is the night he razzles and dazzles, making everyone forget about Larry Beavers.

Patrick Robinson - Nobody on the field tonight should be playing harder than the rookie cornerback. Gregg Williams called him out publicly this week saying he doesn't 'trust' the first-round pick. Robinson agreed and bounced back a little this week in practice. Williams' words were clearly intended to light a fire under Robinson's butt. Let's see if it works.