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Fleur-de-Links: New Orleans Saints vs. Houston Texans Pre-Game (Showdown in the Superdome)

Gameday is here. Not just any old Gameday, but the "2010 preseason opener in the Louisiana Superdome" Gameday as the New Orleans Saints and Houston Texans look to finally settle their differences on the field of preseason play.

How sweet it is. New turf on the field, new players in the black and gold, old players in new positions on the field (depending on your take on the strong-side vs. weak-side linebacker debate), fans in new seating locations within the Dome itself, as well as a new outdoor Venue of Champions opening for business and entertainment for the fans. Has your brain exploded yet in anticipation of all that is going on for this BIG GAME? Mine almost has.

Word is that the starters will be working into the second quarter of this game, so that will give us somewhat of a better look at the 2010 "squad that will come to be" put on the field vs. The Wikes on September 9.

Before I send you on your path to pre-game links fulfillment, let me just point you to a programming note posted by CobraJet in a fanshot yesterday. There are a couple of Saints programs coming on ESPN this week that you may want to check out don't want to miss.

If you vote in the poll, be sure to comment and explain why you voted the way you did.

Enjoy the jump and enjoy the links even more!


LanceMoore16 Good morning everyone. Feeling really good today. Of course bc its game day and the boys are back in the dome tonight.

JonVilma51 just had our final meetings, nothing left to do but leave it on the field!!

MikeMcKenzie34w It won't be long now! See you at the Dome where we Rome!

Pierre_Thomas its game day baby, lets get it!

reggie_bush Saints vs. Texans 8:00 pm eastern on Fox! Preseason game #2! Who Dat!

JeremyShockey "Attitude is the Minds's Paintbrush, Create a Masterpiece" -UNKNOWN

drewbrees Hope to see everyone at the Dome tonight for our home preseason opener. Gameday baby!

Pierre_Thomas dont forget to tune into the pregame show on CST at 6:30 for Part II of my "homecoming" trip back to Chicago...the story behind #23

jgoody76 Preseason game #2 tonight. It should be fun.

TylerLorenzen Game day. Show up show off at the showdown! See ya at the dome! Ayup! PAEOI!

HeathEvans Pre-Season game #2 tonight. Saints/Texans! Should be a good one. Check us out on Fox @ 8:00EST

New Tweets (as of 5:30 pm EST)

Pierre_Thomas Just relaxing now getting myself ready for the texans tonight...dome field advantage baby! Let's get it

JeremyShockey Jay Mariotti arrested on felony!! Wow

T_Porter22 Gametime...

alexbrown96 I can't wait bruh! @bobbymccray Headed to the DOME..its about that time again @alexbrown96 you ready for the greatest fans in the world?

Saints-Texans Pre-game Kerfluffle:

Champions return: Williams hopes Casillas gives encore in first trip back home |
There is at least one player on the Saints roster who tonight does not have to drastically improve on his play last week in the team's exhibition season-opening 27-24 loss. - - Glenn Gilbeau

Plenty to work on |
Saints looking to improve after preseason-opening loss. Les East. His cousin, in case you didn't know, is named More West.

New Orleans Saints vs. Houston Texans: What to watch |
Quarter-by-quarter breakdown by our boy, Nakia Hogan.

Saints focusing on the basics tonight - New Orleans Saints -
The New Orleans Saints had some sloppy moments in their preseason opener at New England. Jim Mashek tells us what they'll be looking to accomplish in tonight's game.

Deke: Saints - Texans Preview - WWL - AM870 | Saints
Big Chief's pre-game report and preview.

New Orleans Saints out to tackle fundamentals tonight against Houston Texans |
Blocking, tackling, protecting football points of emphasis.

Preseason: New Orleans Saints bubble watch for Houston Texans game

New Orleans Saints waive FB Marcus Mailei, re-sign FB Jason McKie |
The bit player personnel carousel continues to revolve. In the IMMORTAL words of Blood, Sweat and Tears - "What goes up, must come down. Spinning wheel, got to go round. Drop all your troubles by the riverside. Ride a painted pony on the spinning wheel ride." Hope you got your money's worth on the ride, Marcus. We'll probably bring you back in a week (after McKie breaks his thumb) so be ready.

New Orleans Saints vs. Houston Texans pregame chat at 6 p.m. |
Join The Times-Picayune's beat reporters Mike Triplett and James Varney for a pregame chat at 6 p.m. from the Superdome.

Texans-Saints Pre-game Kerfluffle:

Questions I want answered against the Saints | Houston Chronicle dot com
John McClain wants answers. I just hope he can handle the truth.

Texans taking a model approach from Saints |Houston Chronicle dot com
John McClain hopes the Texans learn how not to Die Hard against the Saints.


New Orleans Saints trivia and tidbits: Dave Dixon and the Dome: Ready, 'weather' or not
Another short and sweet installment of this trivial series, related to game weather conditions.

New Orleans Saints Host TeamSmile Event
A clean mouth is a happy mouth. Nice work, Saints.

Percy Harvin released from hospital, back with Minnesota Vikings |
Receiver has missed all but a few practices.


Classic video: Hap Glaudi interviews Mecom, Dixon, as NFL mulls giving N.O. a franchise

Found on, but it's actually an ABC26wgno video on the status of the Superdome.

Champions Square a new place for fans to party before the game -

Brian Allee-Walsh and the Saints-Texans preview...