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Saints Pre-Season Battles: Stock Report

Another game and another opportunity is in the books for many of the bubble players looking to play professional football for the reigning world champion New Orleans Saints. The performances will be evaluated by coaches this week and weigh heavily in their final decision as to who stays and who will go. 

I've got my own opinions and suggestions for the coaches, of course. Make the jump and take a look at which players I feel moved up and down the board in their effort to earn a full-time job on the Saints final 53-man roster then let me know whether you agree or disagree. 


 Chase Daniel

Voted overwhelmingly by you guys as the player of the game, no players stock went up after Saturday night's showdown more than the backup quarterback's. His performance against the Texans may have single-handedly bumped him into the No. 2 spot ahead of Patrick Ramsey and it most definitely earned him a place on the final 53-man roster for sure. Life without Drew Brees looks a little better now. 


Adrian Arrington

I'm not sure it's possible for Arrington's stock to rise any further but the receiver just continues to produce big plays during games, making him impossible to ignore even in a very crowded race. He probably won't get much playing time in the third pre-season game but it would be cool to see him get a chance to line up with Brees and the ones just to examine how he handles himself with the big boys.


Rod Harper

My personal pick for training camp stud has done nothing so far this summer. Total let down. While it may just be bad luck and limited opportunity, Harper is sitting stagnant as others, particularly Arrington, are stepping up and passing him by. I don't see him making the team anymore and that's a shame.


Chris Ivory

There doesn't seem too much to worry about in the running department either as Chris Ivory put together yet another confidence boosting performance this pre-season. One more game with similar production and I'd say we have found our Mike Bell replacement. 


P.J. Hill

Even though Chris Ivory is the clear front-runner and getting most of the attention in the running back battle, it's not for lack of production on Hill's part. The former Wisconsin Badger has also made much of his opportunities. Even if he becomes the victim of a roster numbers game, the stuff he's putting on tape is pretty quality. He's giving himself a good chance to get picked up by another team if the Saints decide to let him go.   


The Wake Forest Twins 

Stanley Arnoux and Chip Vaughn have a lot in common. Both were chosen in the 4th round of the 2009 draft. Both played college ball at Wake Forest. Both spent the entire 2009 on IR. Both have had less-than-stellar training camps this year. And now, both are in danger of being cut from the team.