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New Orleans Saints Roster Cuts Looming; Who Won't Survive?

The first round of roster cuts is almost upon us, as NFL teams must trim their player inventory from 80 count to 75 by tomorrow, August 31st. The Saints already did some house cleaning last week ahead of schedule, getting rid of five players including Troy Evans and Rod Harper, but then followed that up by signing linebacker K.C. Asiodu and defensive tackle Kendrick Clancy. If you're doing the math at home, that means the Saints currently stand at 77 players and need only to cut two. Naturally this begs the question: Who will be out of a job by tomorrow?

Below is just some personal speculation about how we might see the roster cuts play out either today or tomorrow. Your critique and opinion are welcome as always. Feel free to discuss any other players you feel might be in harms way these next couple of days.

Jay Ross - DT

With the very recent signing of Kendrick Clancy, the Saints may decide to make an even trade-out, getting rid of a current defensive tackle to replace the new defensive tackle just acquired in Clancy. If that's the case, undrafted free agent Jay Ross seems a likely candidate to be let go. I haven't heard one peep about his performance during training camp and pre-season which I can only assume is a bad thing.

Sean Canfield - QB

Is he really going to make the final roster? Highly doubtful. I don't see the Saints taking up a valuable spot with a young quarterback whose playing time doesn't extend further than three late-game kneel downs in pre-season. Might as well stop delaying the inevitable and part ways now. Canfield may be destined for the Saints practice squad if he clears waivers.

Jermey Parnell - T

Parnell has tried to make this team at so many positions it's laughable. Defensive tackle, tight end and now offensive tackle, where I believe he's running with the third team. Last year he made it all the way to the final cut before being let go but was then brought back on for the practice squad. Perhaps this is the time that Jermey and the team finally part ways, however.

Harry Coleman - LB

The local product from LSU already knows what it's like to get released by the Saints and he's only been in the league one year. Fortunately for Coleman he was brought back and given another chance but he's a longshot for sure. It's really just a matter of whether they cut him now...or later.

Injured Reserve

In lieu of cutting someone the Saints may decide instead to place a player on Injured Reserve, effectively ending their season and not having them count toward the official roster number. Perhaps they might stash rookie tight end Jimmy Graham here for the year since he's been missing time lately with a high ankle sprain. We could all be surprised with a recently injured player like Zach Strief, Courtney Roby or - gasp! - Jonathan Vilma being placed on IR as well. Or maybe just for the tradition of it all, the Saints will place Stanley Arnoux and/or Chip Vaughn on IR for yet another season.