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Black and Gold Scrimmage Roundup (Early Edition) - Saturday, August 7

Time for your second Saturday Supersational dose of Saints reports, this time from the stirring Black & Gold Scrimmage, as well as one report (with RJHOF and Friday camp news) from earlier this morning that I missed.  

Early word is that the defense outperformed the offense.  Does that mean the offense is bad and the D is good this year?  Or, you could look at it this way - the offense is awesome, and the defense is just awesomer, more better awesomer, or evener more betterer awesome (depending on how you want to butcher the comparative forms of awesome).  Another perspective is that the defense is AWESOME, and they just made the offense look bad on this day with their great play.  

I'm not sure what we can glean from this scrimmage, but there's no reason we can't try to make some sense of it. Why doesn't everyone just read the reports, watch the videos, draw some conclusions and then post them as comments below?  I'm sure your thoughts will be better than that ridiculous drivel I just wrote about it (trying to riff on the idea of looking at the same set of facts/occurrences from different angles).

New Orleans Saints defense is impressive in Black and Gold scrimmage |
The offense scored on its first possession and was shut out the rest of the way

Defense shines in Saints scrimmage | | Eye on Black and Gold
The New Orleans Saints' defense racked up sacks, broke up passes, nearly returned a fumble for a score and left Drew Brees muttering to himself on the sideline. 

Defense shines in Saints scrimmage -
Hmm, two media outlets using the same headline for their B&G Scrimmage reports.  I'm not sure what to make of that.  Oops, I am now.  They are both using the same AP report on the scrimmage.

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees --
Post-scrimmage Q&A with Brees.

New Orleans Saints LB Jonathan Vilma --
Post-scrimmage Q&A with Vilma.

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton -- 
Post-scrimmage Q&A with Payton.

V-Roll Roll call:

Saints beat reporters on the offense in the Black and Gold scrimmage -

Drew Brees on the black and gold scrimmage -


Camp 2Dat - Scrimmage report - - two dudes with this take on the scrimmage: The Saints defense was able to handle the explosive offense during the Black & Gold scrimmage.


Rickey Jackson and the HOF

Jim Henderson's iVideo on Rickey -


Saints Linkage: Jackson goes into the Hall, young linebackers catching eyes | | Eye on Black and Gold
The news leading everyone's thoughts today, obviously, revolve around Rickey Jackson and his induction into the Hall of Fame. But the Saints did practice Saturday and we'll have some links for that, too. (This is the link I missed from earlier this morning.)



** Update (4:20 pm):

Saints speak after Black And Gold -
Following the conclusion of Saturday's Black and Gold Scrimmage, Head Coach Sean Payton, QB Drew Brees and LB Jonathan Vilma talked to the present media. Below are the thoughts that the coach, and offensive and defensive captains gave on the performance of the club, their respective units as well as some insight into Monday's White House visit and the ensuing trip to New England to practice against and play against the Patriots.

Black and Gold Scrimmage notes - - self explanatory

** Update (5:23 pm):


Photo Gallery - New Orleans Saints Black and Gold scrimmage, 8/7/2010 -


New Orleans Saints defensive end Jimmy Wilkerson stands out during scrimmage |
Veteran newcomer is still recovering from 2009 knee injury.

Saints coach Sean Payton on the Black and Gold scrimmage