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Tweets from Who Dat Nation: Saints Arrive in Washington D.C., Ready to Visit White House

ltorrence24 Guess I gotta take the ring with me to the White House!

T_Porter22 About to go to DC to check out the White House...and OUR President. Mr. Obama the champs are on the way!
dmpressley I'm going to meet the president!!!!!! Obama the champs are in the house!!!!!

j_bushrod7475 Who dat nation we are gonna paint the white house black and gold Tomorrow morning... Going to airport

robyslyfe Who Dat Nation we are painting the White House; Black and Gold 2moro...! Headed to airport now...

iWillSmith On the way to Washington DC,

drewbrees Landing in Washington D.C. right now. Get to see the President tomorrow and then visit some of our wounded warriors at Walter Reed Hospital

alexbrown96 Just landed in DC going to see the president tomorrow I am a lil geeked about this lol. This doesn't happen everyday ya know lol

reggie_bush Just landed in Washington D.C with the team! Going to the White House tomorrow to see Obama!

dmpressley Jus landed in DC

T_Porter22 First time every landing where co-workers have cameras out (at night) standing at a distance tryna take pics and 

usama_young28 Jus touched down in DC. About to meet president Obama tomorrow. Time to get with my parents for a little bit tonight

HeathEvans Going to meet President Obama tomorrow. I haven't seen the White House since 5th grade. Gonna b a great day!

Pierre_Thomas I never thought I would visit the White House. I'm excited 2 meet our President & fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama tmro. Movin up in the world!

ChaseDaniel Going to visit the White House tomorrow...Excited to meet Mr. President! Then off to Walter Reed to see our wounded Veterans!!

j_bushrod7475 Def excited for tomorrows white house festivities... Good night