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Fleur-de-Links September 11, 2010 : Savoring the Sweet Taste of Victory

It's Saturday afternoon, and we're still 1-0. SWEET! The players are off for a bit, so the pickings might get slim for news in the next few days. But do not worry your pretty little head. We'll be doing our best here at CSC to keep you stocked with content.

Today's F-D-L gets you more post-game reports, a bunch of videos, Payton's Friday press conference transcript, some pieces on the Labor Situation, a little Lagniappe, and as always, some fluffy tweets from the team.

It's going to be a long week-plus before we get to play again, so for now follow me to the next screen for the news and notes you've just got to have today...


WWLTV - nfl RT @NFLprguy: 57.2 million ppl watched all/or part of Vikes-Saints. most-watched opening wknd reg season game in 14 yrs. 27.5m ave audience

Official_Saints "I thought the best part of last night's game was the fans support throughout the entire game," - @DrewBrees

jeffduncantp RT @MMcCarthyUSAT: Wild. NBC says 60.0 local rating in New Orleans 4 Saints-Vikings was 7% higher than 56.3 for Saints' SB44 win vs. Colts.

drewbrees Great team win last night against the Vikes. Have to say, the Who Dat chant to start the game was unbelievable! Greatest fans in the world

MalcolmJenkins Back in Columbus bout to hit the town.Let's go bucks!!! It feels good to be back in Buckeye country But I love living in the Who dat nation!

mortreport Filed to ESPN: Saints voted 59-0 to authorize union to decertify. More to come:

Pierre_Thomas maaaan it feels good to have a day off...just relaxing now

robyslyfe May GOD bless those who were affected by the events of September 11, 2001...

More Post-Game Reports and Columns

Jabari Greer, Tracy Porter give New Orleans Saints winning edge |
Jeff Duncan Cornerbacks bring 'whole different dynamic' to defense.

New Orleans Saints' opening win sets tone for 2010 season |
Triplett - Sean Payton pleased with way team found ways to win. | Success brings changes in Saints routine
Les East

Saints surprisingly scrape out win | Mike Rutsey | Toronto Sun
Winning ugly is something the New Orleans Saints never experienced in their storybook romp to the Super Bowl championship.

The Top Spin | Pierre Thomas, Vikings receivers offer Week 1 lessons -
Herbie "The Love Bug" Trope - A fantasy football-focused look at the Saints opening win.

New Orleans Saints expected run-oriented approach from Minnesota Vikings |
B A-W. Friday mid-day Saints report.

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton not concerned about field goal woes Thursday night |
Varney - Although kicker Garrett Hartley went 0-for-2 Thursday night against the Vikings, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton said he is comfortable with Hartley's accomplishments and thus not overly worried about the matter.

Saints’ Payton has confidence in Hartley | | Eye on Black and Gold
Handwerger reports Payton's not kicking Hartley to the curb. Yet.

The Morning After: New Orleans Saints secure win on underwhelming opening night |

Friday Morning Quarterback |
Alex Restrepo

Saints escape win over Vikings relatively injury free | | Eye on the Saints
Handwerger's injury report.

Saints defense steals spotlight from highlight-reel offense -
Prisco's article focuses on the "D." Includes a sidebar with Larry Holder's team grades for the game.

Defense may ultimately hold Saints' key to repeat title - Don Banks -
5 things that we can take to the bank (from the Banks) about Thursday's game.

Saints’ ground game comes up big vs. Vikings -
Jim Mashek

Labor Pains

Saints, Vikings use opener to make statement for players' union |
B A-W One side shouts "strike! strike! strike!" while the other shouts "lockout! lockout! lockout!" and we all lose. I'm officially worried about 2011.

New Orleans Saints' Drew Brees, Jon Stinchcomb weigh in on labor negotiations |
Varney - Health insurance a significant aspect of talks, they say. There will be no football in 2011. It's gonna be bad. I just can't shake this feeling.


Long weekend allows some New Orleans Saints players a chance to reconnect with college |
Varney - The New Orleans Saints aren't expected back in their Metairie headquarters until Tuesday morning, and Coach Sean Payton figured he knew how some might spend the time off.

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton to savor jersey retirement at Eastern Illinois Saturday |

B A-W. Check out the picture of Payton in passing motion at the top of the article. You'll see a hint of what might be some washboard abs peeking out.

5 Saints players featured as Sporting News all-star panel picks Top 100 NFL players
Dave Lawrence - Guess who our highest-ranked player is? Hint: it rhymes with "new trees."


New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton looks back on Thursday night victory over Minnesota Vikings |
Transcript from Payton's Friday press conference. It wouldn't format correctly when I tried to paste it here, so you'll have to click the link to read his transcript.

V-Roll Roll Call

Saints Vlog: September 10 |
BA-W and Les East - report from Saints HQ on Friday. I couldn't find an embed code, so I just had to link to it.

Sean Payton says improvement will come for the Saints

Henderson's Commentary: Game wasn't what we thought it would be

transcript is here

Balance was the key to the Saints offense

Sean Payton on the importance of the opening game

Saints reporters on the team's win against Minnesota

New Orleans Saints video: Jeff Duncan's 4-Minute Drill - 9/10/10

Tailgating with the Who Dat Nation: Minnesota Vikings-New Orleans Saints