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Fleur-de-Links - Sept. 15th: Media Pundits Pile on Reggie Bush

NASHVILLE TN - SEPTEMBER 02:  Will the 2005 Heisman Trophy now go to Vince Young? No, says the Heisman Trophy Trust. It will remain unawarded for 2005. They probably have a nice closet to put it in. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
NASHVILLE TN - SEPTEMBER 02: Will the 2005 Heisman Trophy now go to Vince Young? No, says the Heisman Trophy Trust. It will remain unawarded for 2005. They probably have a nice closet to put it in. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Many media pundits are unloading on Reggie Bush today. Why are they focusing almost solely on him? It seems to me that the person/people who sought him out, made the offers, and gave him the money/gifts should share an equal spotlight in this. Why is no one bashing Lloyd Lake?

Newsweek did a piece defending Reggie and placing the blame on the NCAA. To voice my personal agreement with the Newsweek stance, I've highlighted a large portion of their piece after the jump. Read their entire article and feel free to agree, disagree, or not care.

There are no links or video for this, but I wanted to share with you an interesting broadcast of "NFL Films: Saintsational" that I stumbled across on ESPN2 while at home during my lunch hour today. I wish I had recorded it. It's a half-hour telling of the 2009 Saints with lots of tiny tidbits of information I didn't know before. Look for a reshowing on one of the ESPN networks in the near future. After the jump, there's a list of things I learned while watching it.

This was news to me:

  • Roman Harper was the player assigned to recover the on-side kick in "Ambush." Chris Reis was just supposed to cover him, but the ball bounced Chris's way.
  • If not for Jonathan Casillas spearing Hank Basket and reaching into the pile, Reis was probably about to lose the ball. Casillas helped him secure it.
  • Chris gave the "Ambush" ball to a trainer and asked him to hold onto it for him. The next day, the trainer told him that the ball was taken by NFL officials for transport directly to the Hall of Fame. Chris says he'll probably never get into Canton but he's happy he was able to donate something that did.
  • Both of Sean Payton's parents are deceased. His Naperville high school coach, J.R. Bishop, has become a prominent father figure in his life. He has attended every Saints camp since 2006. He was also there during the playoffs last year.
  • Sean Payton played QB at Naperville High School. Coach Bishop describes him as a brilliant student of the game.
  • When David "The Baconator" Thomas was called by Bill Belichick and told about being traded to the Saints, he was at the hospital attending to his young son after he sustained an injury to his left eye. Since his wife was already distraught over their boy, he feared having to tell her that they would immediately have to uproot and move to New Orleans. 
  • Just before Hartley kicked the game-winning FG in the NFCCG, Anthony Hargrove says he told him, "If you miss this kick, I'm gonna cut your nuts out and put 'em in a small jar."

Many of you may already have known these things, but I didn't. I guess I should get off my butt and go buy Coach's and Drew's books.



iWillSmith Shout out to my homie Reggie, keep ya head up, the fellas support ya 100%. Stay focus an let get a another championship!!!!! Who Dat!!!!!!

JonVilma51 maaaan reggie having to give back the heisman trophy is complete BULL@$*&!!! I dont care what they say, he was...

HeathEvans Hey idiot@DanielWaldronJr: @reggie_bush was the best college player of all times! Not deserving?? RU dumb & blind? Lay off the crack pipe!

HeathEvans To all who read my last tweet! Say whatever u want about me but dont mess with FAMILY & @reggie_bush is FAMILY!

drewbrees @LanceMoore16 Get some rest, bro. You have lots of balls to catch this week

drewbrees I am about to go to bed and can't help but smile as I see that my son has slobbered cracker crumbs all over my shirt. Love that lil guy #fb

drewbrees Going to the West Coast for our Monday Night game this week. The question is: How many In N Out burgers will I eat while I'm there? #fb

alexbrown96 People keep saying if the voting happened after the "GAME" VY would have won it... I doubt one game would have swayed the voters that much!

alexbrown96 Reggie didn't just squeak this heisman out he won the second most lopsided heisman voting in history!!!

OGOchoCinco #random i've been selected again for a random drug as i get to work, pissin excellence isn't a problem but they trippin, 3 test n a month

HeathEvans What a gr8 AM! Homework w/Ava & breakfast w/ Naomi! Got2 go wash the cars & then off 2 the juvenile detention center to talk to the kids #fb

LanceMoore16 Good morning everybody. Its time to burn some daylight and get stuff done. Let's all #dowork today!

j_bushrod7475 Heading to childrens hospital for a pep rally!!!! #excited to see some of my friends there!!

LanceMoore16 And before I forget, @reggie_bush nobody can ever take away the fact that u were the best player that year, and ...

reggie_bush Just finished up my PSA for Muscular Dystrophy and made some new friends!

T_Porter22 Waiting to head to this school visit w/ @MalcolmJenkins n @usama_young28

MalcolmJenkins Bout to head to JWJ elementary to talk to the kids

usama_young28 Johnson Elementary, we're on the way!!! RT @T_Porter22: Waiting to head to this school visit w/ @MalcolmJenkins n @usama_young28

HeathEvans (VIDEO) Hopefully this will answer your questions about the vote that the Saints players took the other day?

dmcallister26 Sometimes the best action is none at all

Yfrog Image : - Uploaded by jgoody76Check out Jonathon Goodwin's damaged pinky. YIKES! He says, "Believe it or not this is one of the most painful injuries I have ever had."



In Defense of Reggie Bush - Newsweek
First, the obvious arguments: Bush was a vulnerable 18-year-old when agents started flashing gobs of money in his face. He never cheated between the lines, used drugs, or bet on the game. Top college players have always accepted gifts. Since joining the New Orleans Saints, Bush has been something of a role model, giving plenty of money to charity. And he was, without a doubt, the best college football player during the 2005 season; it’s impossible to pretend all those preternatural touchdown runs never happened. But here’s what matters most: Bush has become the fall guy for a Division 1 football system that bankrupts its players while pouring money into the pockets of fat cats in executive suites. Rather than blame Bush, we should blame the system, which is in desperate need of an overhaul. The line between amateur and professional football has never been so hazy, and the concept of the innocent "student athletes" playing for the pride of old Harvard was abandoned decades ago. The game is now a business, and the only people who don’t take a cut are the players. Instead, many of them are manipulated by greedy agents and corrupt coaches.

Reggie, why give it back? -
Prisco's Points - Reggie, why give it back?

Reggie Bush has cemented his legacy by forfeiting Heisman Trophy - Stewart Mandel -
In 11 years on this beat, the 2005 season was by far the most memorable I've covered. I'll never forget watching Matt Leinart's 61-yard pass to Dwayne Jarrett from the sideline of Notre Dame Stadium. I'll never forget watching from the press box above the L.A. Coliseum as Reggie Bush ran off 260 yards against UCLA. And of course, I'll never forget watching Vince Young scamper to the end zone literally just a few feet in front of me to clinch the BCS championship.

Reggie Bush finally makes a right move -
The writer wrote that he should do it, but never thought he would.

Reggie Bush still can't say the magic word — sorry -
Chances are former USC star Reggie Bush is/was not the only Heisman Trophy winner to have taken improper benefits while participating as an amateur athlete in college.

Bush doesn't change a thing with Heisman handoff - NCAA Football -
What you just witnessed was the final act of the USC tragedy. Reggie Bush returning his Heisman doesn't have any real impact, it was just a show to protect the pretense, Ray Ratto says.

Reggie Bush's gesture doesn't help USC Trojans - ESPN Los Angeles
Despite Bush's gesture, finality on this chapter remains out of reach for USC.

Bush admits 'mistakes,' surrenders Heisman - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
Former USC running back Reggie Bush is now the first Heisman Trophy winner to surrender the award.

Reggie Bush can't erase taint on Heisman Trophy - CFB News - FOX Sports on MSN
Reggie Bush cant erase taint on Heisman Trophy

Reggie Bush forfeits Heisman - CFB News - FOX Sports on MSN
''It doesn't matter if he gives it back. Everyone still knows Reggie Bush was the best player that year. Look at the runs. He was clearly the best player. O.J. Simpson got accused of a murder and they didn't take his back. That was a far greater allegation, and they didn't find O.J. guilty on that.'' — Johnny Rodgers, 1972 Heisman winner from Nebraska

Reggie Bush will always be 2005 Heisman Trophy winner to many |
Previous winners offer support for RB

Reggie Bush gives before the Heisman Trust can take, and has New Orleans Saints fans to embrace him |
The ones hurt over this are the players who are at USC now

The Heisman Trophy could have gone to Vince Young five years ago |
The performance in the 2006 Rose Bowl was one of the all-time best

New Orleans Saints' Reggie Bush first player to forfeit Heisman Trophy |
Vince Young says he 'definitely' wants award


SAINTS v. 49ers:

New Orleans Saints set up for another season-opening winning streak
Next up is San Francisco. Yes, the 49ers are a lot better at home than on the road. But in Seattle, 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was terrible. At one point, the former top-overall draft pick missed 12 of 21 throws and tossed two interceptions. Even on the road in windy conditions, the Saints have such an advantage at the quarterback position that I don't see a loss to San Francisco.

1-0 Saints To Face San Francisco On Monday Night
Following an exciting 14-9 win over the Minnesota Vikings in the Louisiana Superdome to kick off the 2010 NFL season, the New Orleans Saints (1-0) will play in prime time for the second consecutive week when they travel to face the San Francisco 49ers (0-1) on Monday at Candlestick Park.

A Look Back
The last time the Saints and 49ers met

Week 2 matchup: New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers - NFL - Sporting News
Smash or Grab? The Saints’ high-octane passing game reverted to a traditional smashmouth attack last week against the Vikings. It will be interesting to see whether Sean Payton continues that approach in San Francisco.

Ginn hurt, 49ers re-sign receiver Jason Hill
The 49ers re-signed wide receiver Jason Hill, a San Francisco native they released in training camp. He'll provide depth as Ted Ginn Jr. recovers from a sprained knee. The team released undrafted rookie cornerback...

NFC West: 49ers fail to grab the torch -
So much for the NFC West being the San Francisco 49ers' to lose.

Communication a growing problem for Niners - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The team's offseason attempt to address issues between the coaches and players hasn't been successful. - National Football League news

Saints Vlog: September 14



NFP Power Rankings | National Football Post
1. (3) New Orleans Saints: 1-0 The defending champs jump to No.1 in our rankings and get another primetime matchup on Monday night in San Fran.

NFL Power Poll: Texans soar; Colts slide - NFL - Sporting News
1. New Orleans Saints (Last week: 3) They proved they could beat the Vikings with their running game and defense, too.

Cowboys miscues, Lions-Bears controversy highlight NFL Week 1 - Peter King -
1. New Orleans (1-0). There wasn't a flawless team in Week 1 and I don't think one was close. So the Saints take the top spot because of a very good defensive performance and because we all know Drew Brees is going to play like Drew Brees for the next four months.

NFL Power Rankings - Top 32 NFL Football Teams - FOX Sports on MSN
Saints are no. 1

NFL power rankings: New Orleans Saints remain No. 1 |
The Times-Picayune's weekly rankings

NFL Power Rankings: Forecast so far is mostly cloudy - NFL - Football
1. Saints - If the defense plays as it did against the Vikings, they just might repeat. That's how impressive that was. You know they won't score 14 points on offense in many games. They're too good. - Week Two power rankings
1. Green Bay Packers: They were who we thought they were ... in the second quarter.


LAGNIAPPE: - MVP Meter: Manning on top
2. Saints QB Drew Brees (No. 2) — The testament of a great player is when observers don't even notice the greatness anymore — it's just taken for granted. Brees is entering that realm. He completed 75 percent of his 36 passes and didn't throw an interception in the Saints' win, and nobody blinks an eye.

NFL reminds clubs of media policy
The NFL sent a memo Wednesday reminding all 32 teams of its equal access and conduct policy toward the media following a TV Azteca reporter's comments that she was uncomfortable in the New York Jets' locker room last weekend. | Saints | Keeping the faith — Baton Rouge, LA
"My mind-set was great," Hartley said. "I was hitting the ball real well in preseason, practice, and warm-ups. I went 0-for-2, but I was fortunate the way the offense and defense played. The offense put some points up and the defense shut the Vikings out (in the second half)."

Saints LT Bushrod not getting too comfortable
Jermon Bushrod doesn't like to use the word "comfortable," at least not when talking about playing left tackle for the New Orleans Saints.

No Saints in cruel football business
As an undrafted free agent out of tiny Wesley College, an NCAA Division III school in Dover, Del., Larry Beavers knew he would have to make a good early impression this summer with the NFL Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. So when the five-foot-nine, 185-pound speedster ran a kickoff back 97 yards for a touchdown in the Saints' pre-season opener, he was ecstatic. Did he think it was his ticket to stick? "Did I think it? Oh man. I thought it, my agent thought it. My family thought it. We all thought it." Two days later, the Saints cut him. Cruel business this football thing.

Replay: New Orleans Saints Wednesday chat |
Talk Saints with the T-P beat reporters

Coach Mike Smith demands improvement across the board | Atlanta Falcons
FLOWERY BRANCH --  The dust has settled after the Pittsburgh loss and I just went back over coach Mike Smith's media briefing. He was calm, cool and

Panthers QB Moore practices after concussion
Carolina Panthers quarterback Matt Moore has returned to practice three days after sustaining a concussion, making it possible he'll play Sunday against Tampa Bay.

Do you speak Who Dat? New Orleans Saints fans we need your help |
Help us create the official Who Dat Dictionary.



Linebacker play will be important on Monday for the Saints