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New Orleans Saints @ Tennessee Titans: What to Watch

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I'm not gonna lie, this game is going to be as exciting as watching paint dry. With very few starters taking the field, I'm finding it difficult to even get excited about this one but it will be a great chance to evaluate some talent one last time before the score finally starts counting. So here are a few things I will be watching out for in the final Saints pre-season game of 2010. Feel free to include your own in the comment section below.

And make sure you're here at 6pm Central for the start of our open game thread. For those of you who may be new to Da Chronic, an open thread is when everyone meets together on one specific post on the main page during a game or event to talk with each other as they're watching it live. Thanks to SB Nation's auto-refreshing comments feature, it just like being in a chat room. See you there.


Chase Ramsey

The quarterback competition comes to the forefront tonight in the showdown to end all showdowns. or the last three games, Patrick Ramsey and Chase Daniel have been going head-to-head, duking it out to hold Drew's clipboard and thus far it's been too tight a race to call. One has the experience while the other has the potential. Payton said Ramsey will take the snaps in the first half and Daniel will take over in the second. The only question that remains: Who will take control and show they deserve it more?

Sloppy Seconds

This isn't about what I want to see tonight so much as it's about who I don't want to see, and that's the starters. Personally, I don't think anyone near the top of the depth chart should even bother getting dressed but I know that won't happen. Tonight is all about the backups, baby. This is the final chance for players like Junior Galette, Stanley Arnoux, Chip Vaughn and Al Woods to show that they belong on the 53-man roster and for players like Patrick Robinson to prove they can be trusted. This is what the pre-season is all about. With the two's and three's playing the whole game, however, expect it to be sloppy. But expect to get some answers, too. 



DeShawn Wynn/Ladell Betts - With Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory taking significantly fewer snaps than normal tonight, it's the perfect opportunity for the two veteran running backs to battle it out for a possible fourth RB spot on the roster. 

Adrian Arrington - So far so good for the third year wide receiver. If he can put together one last impressive performance tonight, he'll make it practically impossible for the coaches to cut him. He needs to stay healthy, too! 

Jimmy Graham - He's back! From injury that is. And it's about damn time he show us the good stuff we keep hearing about that makes him such a talented tight end in the mold of Antonio Gates

Kendrick Clancy - He's back! From near retirement that is. Having just come back from knee surgery, I'm not sure how much playing time he'll get but if he's out there tonight, check out how well he gets back into the flow of things.