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New Orleans Saints 25 @ San Francisco 49ers 22: Hartley's Back; Saints Win Nail Biter

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The good news is that the Saints still have what it takes to win those tight games, Garrett Hartley kicking a last second field goal in heavy wind to give the Saints the win.

The bad news is that this game really shouldn't have been that tight. But we were warned multiple times that this might be a trap, and even though the Saints still won, it really was. The 49ers certainly will gain respect throughout the league after their impressive near-defeat of the defending Super Bowl champions. Credit to them for their performance tonight.

Defense played pretty well, though sloppy at times and getting very little pressure on Alex Smith. Great to see that they can still create turnovers seemingly at will and exactly when they need them. The offense couldn't get enough going and capitalize on those turnovers and good field position.

All in all, it was a fun game to watch. The Saints get an NFC win on the road and move on to 2-0. Big divisional game against the Falcons up next.

No word on Reggie's apparent right leg injury. Hopefully it's not his knee but it didn't look good. Randall Gay also left the game.

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