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Fleur-De-Links September 26: Super Sweet Sunday, It's Gameday!!

Waking up on a Sunday with a Saints game coming at us at 1:00 EST is a sweet feeling. And knowing it's a big division game with our ArchNemesisRival Falcons makes it more sweeter.

In addition to this story, other exciting Gameday Features that will make today still even much more sweeter include the Pre- and In-Game Open Threads on CSC, as well as the always titillating Post-Game Podcast Pontificating Party on Blog Talk Radio hosted by Ralph Marbrough with special guests/podpartners Kevin Held and our own Dave Cariello.

Without further ado, click to jump and read, watch, and listen to all that you need to get you ready for this afternoon's game. Thanks to Dave C. for adding some extras and plugging in the audio channels to round out the A/V section!

How sweet it is...

Updated 10:15 am EST with a Sean Payton video and a link to a Gregg Williams podcast.


LanceMoore16 Congrats to my Toledo Rockets for going out and taking care of business against Purdue today. Made me proud fellas @Kstaff07

LanceMoore16 RT @chrisvanbuskirk: @LanceMoore16 You forgot to cc brees:).....unnecessary, he knows lol

dmpressley You can easily judge a mans character by how he treats those that can do nothing for him....

jeffduncantp Just left #Saints practice. Not a lot of news. I expect LaDell Betts & Chris Ivory to be active but Betts to get most of the backup carries.

MalcolmJenkins Getting ready to head to this team chapel and get a fresh word! Then meetings and sleep. Wake up and hit the ground running!!!! Who Dat!!!

T_Porter22 Finna go get some wings from Lucy's #starving

ChaseDaniel Congrats to my Southlake mentor, Coach Dodge, on The Mean Greens first win of the season! Many more to come..

ChaseDaniel Texas Rangers clinch! It's been way too long!

HeathEvans Good nite twitter world! Tomorrow is a work day! 3 hrs of hard work to get to 3-0! Lets rock the DOME TOMORROW WHO DAT NATION! #fb


Joker only part of New Orleans Saints defense's stacked deck |
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Saints’ offense isn’t worried about early season output | | WWL Sports
For three out of Sean Payton’s first four years at the helm of the Saints’ ship, his offense has been hard to stop and, in fact, has led the league.

The numbers game: Saints coach Payton has 7-1 record against Falcons -
Jim Mashek - The New Orleans Saints aren't about to quibble with their 2-0 start, especially with their hated NFC South rival, the Atlanta Falcons, in town for their first divisional game.


DC Brian VanGorder plans to stay on the attack |
D. Orlando Ledbetter interviews Falcons Defensive Coordinator.

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New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton - Post-Practice Press Conference

Saturday, September 25, 2010 - | credited to Brian Allee-Walsh

How do you feel about the week of preparation that you've had in this short week?

"I think they handled it well. We got our work in that we needed to on Wednesday, we backed off Thursday and began to get a little bit more into a normal routine and certainly Friday and Saturday we were. It's been a while since we've played a 12 noon game; you can go back six weeks to Carolina last year. But I think this is going to be a good test for us; this is a good team we're playing and our players know that. This will be a good challenge."

What did you think of the ‘Who Dat' chant prior to kickoff in the opener?

"I loved it. All we needed was just a little (direction). In years past, it would start somewhere in the balcony section, but I think it was good. I don't know who's leading it this week; I put Brees in charge of that. It's his deal."

Who's leading the book sales deal? How's that little contest going?

"It's neck and neck. I haven't paid too much attention to it, quite honestly, and I'm certain that he hasn't either. We have a long time here; not until the summer. We have an event scheduled today over at Aucoin Heart; they're doing a raffle for the foundation on a necklace and I'm going to have a chance to visit with some people and sign some books before we go home and spend some time with the family.

"But everything has been pretty quiet. It's good to get back into this routine and next week will be the first time where we're on our normal schedule. It's been quite a while."

Do you look forward to getting on that routine?

"I think we're all creatures of habit. We've been able to adjust accordingly but one of the things that takes place when you do play some of those oddball times is that it takes away from what already is a small amount of family time that you have in-season. So when you play at 12 noon and the game is over, you have half a day with your children and you have this afternoon. But when you start playing those Thursday nights and those Monday nights, usually - especially on the road - it pulls from some of that time."

You've been successful coming off of Monday night games. What do you think the trick is?

"I don't know. I think it just starts with having a good team. When you have a good team, all of a sudden your Monday night record, your bye week record - all of those things begin to look good and when you don't have a good team, your Monday night record and your primetime record - if you play in any - isn't as good. Part of it is just having a team that's battle-tested and we'll get a good test this weekend."

Is there such a thing as a critical game in Week 3?

"That's a good question. Certainly any time you're playing a division game, those are critical games for you. They're each worth a unit, and the NFC games are weighted more because of tiebreakers, so when you play a division game it's like a turnover. If you're able to get a win, that means that someone in your division lost that day as well, so it's worth more than just the win. Other than that, I think it is what it is."


New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams on facing Atlanta: podcast |
posted by Kevin Spain - Williams addresses several topics on the Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons.

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V-Roll Roll Call

Lance Moore on facing Atlanta's defense

Saints coach Sean Payton on the solid play of the secondary