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NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Saints Start Sliding

SB Nation and a few other websites have put out there power rankings following week 3 of the NFL season. As you could imagine, the Saints took a bit of a slide downward after their overtime loss to the Atlanta Falcons. Take a look at how the Saints rank, then share your thoughts. 

SB Nation - 3rd

They had to lose at some point so might as well make it early and avoid the undefeated talk. The Saints are still the among the top two offenses in the NFL.    

FoxSports - 5th

Something is missing from this team through three games. I can't put my oversized fingers on it, but I don't think the Saints look quite as good as they did last season thus far. Still, they will be competing deep into the playoffs this year.    

Walter Football- 3rd

Kicks will miss and quarterbacks will throw picks. It happens. Should Hartley be blamed for the loss? Absolutely. But to say that he should be cut is completely moronic considering what he has done for the team in the recent past. The Saints wouldn't release Drew Brees if he suddenly had a four-interception game, just like they shouldn't release Hartley for botching one stinking game-winner in the regular season.     

Pro Football Talk -  7th

By the end of the day Tuesday,Scott Fujita's "fat punk kicker" label for Garrett Hartley may be only 66.6 percent accurate.    

Real GM- 20th

These guys claim to be objective because they use their patented Trench Counter. I think they're counter is a little off this week.