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New Orleans Saints 24 @ Tennessee Titans 27: Who Dat Say!?


A lackluster game got kind of exciting at the end as backups and soon-to-be castoffs battled it out into the final seconds of the game at LP Field.  After the smoke cleared, the Tennessee Titans held on to the tune of a 27-24 victory over the New Orleans Saints.  There's also a bit of a disconnect between Brian Allee-Walsh and Jeff Duncan's post game injury perspective.

Make the jump to begin absorbing the post-game news and notes, tweets, transcripts, and videos from Thursday night's preseason action. (equal credit opportunity statemant: this WDS!? piece was a collaboration by Hans and Dave)


HeathEvans Jacks bar-b-q in Nashville might be the best I ever had......#amazing#fb

JonVilma51 Can't wait to watch my saints bring da wood against Tenn!!! I feel like a fan today lol!

LanceMoore16 Almost gametime. Ready to get it. #lego

usama_young28 Let's go! Last preseason game... Who dat

dmpressley Last preseason game tonight. This is a big game.It's gonna be a dogfight. like a fistfight in a phone booth. Glad I got my boxing gloves

dmpressley Listening to @Tip T.I. "Paper Trail".... Before the game #letsgo!!!

T_Porter22 Let's get it tonight #saints...I know my boys will ball out!

JonVilma51 Check ur boy out!! Received a lil piece of hardware at our annual luncheon today...lookin to repeat this too!

reggie_bush Preseason is finally over!!!!! Now for the real deal! Nothing we did last year matters today! Here we go boys! Phil Collins-I can feel it

Official_Saints Arrington on next 2 days "It's going to be hard. I just try to go into it praying that I did enough to make the team."

jeffduncantp The official word from the #Saints on Chris Ivory: knee injury. No word on the extent of it. Will know more after tests performed tomorrow.

Official_Saints Payton on Ivory & Casillas' injuries "With Casillas it was his foot & Ivory his knee. Tomorrow we will give u more info on injuries."

MalcolmJenkins Time to start 2010!!! They count now and it's time New Orleans!!! WHO DAT

jgoody76 Sitting on the bus proof reading @MalcolmJenkins tweet. Lol

jgoody76 I'm sitting in the row behind him. He don't know I'm nosey

alexbrown96 Now it's time for complete focus to go towards the Vikings. Who Dat nation next Thursday it's for real and we need yall to bring the noise!

usama_young28 Solid game, still got a lot to improve on. I'm about to sleep so good on this flight back to NOLA. Thanks for the support everybody

GHartley5 Relaxing on the bus about to head to the airport. Time to get our minds right for the Vikings . Looking forward to seeing the WHODATS thur!

MikeMcKenzie34w 7days til the CHAMPS OPEN the DOME!!! I'm so EXCITED

jgoody76 Stuck in traffic on the way to the airport. Man we are gonna get home late.

GHartley5 I thought a police escort was supposed to speed up the travel time...

Jmack37 Praying for my boy Chris ivory's health

alexbrown96 Everybody keeps telling me I am in for a real treat..... I am looking forward to Thursday and the rowdy who dat nation!

alexbrown96 On the plane headed back to New Orleans can't wait to get to my bed


Game Coverage

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Justin Macione - - Two blocked punts highlight evening.

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The Saints rallied from a 27-16 deficit in the fourth quarter to cut the lead to 27-24 and be in the redzone with 10 seconds left in the game but it wasn’t enough as the Titans escaped LP Field with the victory to close out the preseason.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Chris Johnson wore a visor and T-shirt and stayed busy as Tennessee's top cheerleader. Drew Brees and Reggie Bush dressed in their New Orleans uniforms, though they stayed on the sideline all night long.

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BAW's in-game updates. 10:12 - Pretty competitive game to end the preseason. Remember, the Saints must make 22 moves by 3 p.m. Saturday to trim their roster from 75 to 53. My final installment of "53 AND COUNTING'' will appear online late Friday. Tonight's game will make it very interesting, at nearly every position.

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Starting linebacker Jonathan Casillas hurts foot.  Triplett

The Morning After: Walking wounded list expands for New Orleans Saints as preseason ends |
BAW – I’d be lying if I said the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints are marching into the 2010 NFL season. Limping, perhaps. Dragging a collective leg maybe. But certainly not marching.  (This doesn't quite add up - Duncan's vlog below uses the word 'unscathed' but here BAW says we're limping into the season...)

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Highlights with radio calls of the Titans 27-24 victory over the Saints. NFL Network's highlight package.

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New Orleans Saints @ Tennessee Titans game photo gallery. September 2, 2010.




(opening statement on injuries)

First off a couple things on the injured guys, we will know more tomorrow with Chris Ivory and John Casillas. A couple of the other guys had cramps, but those were the two of note. We have a lot to do tomorrow obviously and a lot to do in a short period of time when we get back to evaluate this tape, and then, get moving forward as we prepare for our regular week.

(on overall assessment of the game and Patrick Ramsey and Chase Daniel)

Overall, just watching, the challenge sometime in a game like that with a reduce plan, overall, I thought they handled the plan pretty well.

(on parting ways with either Chase Daniel or Patrick Ramsey)

I think its always hard this time of the year parting ways with any player, that's the tough challenge anytime you get to this time in the preseason, this last cut down.  So, this is always the tough end to training camp. A lot of those guys have been with us.

(on keeping three quarterbacks)

Anything we do we will announce down the road.

(on Ivory and Casillas' injuries)

With Casillas it was a foot and with Chris, it was a knee. Tomorrow we will give you more information on the injuries.

(on the play of Junior Galette)

There were some good things and yet we take a penalty on fourth and four and give them a first down which leads to a scoring drive.  Overall, we certainly played with effort. 

(on evaluating the preseason now it is over)

I don't know that once we start the preseason that a lot of those distractions really existed for us.  I think that the focus in on trying to get better.  As we got into this fourth game, with a short week, we were fairly conservative with who we wanted to play. Just with a turnaround of really playing a week from tonight. The key is making the right decisions here in the next 24 to 48 hours.

(on penalties driving him crazy)

It's something we talked about and it's the one thing that seems to be repetitive in the preseason.  That's going to have to change.  Obviously those are things that can keep you from winning games.  Certainly that is something we have got to pay attention to.

(on being happy with the team right now)

I think overall, the first answer any time someone asks questions is how healthy are you. Overall, I think we handled training camp well and I thought our focus has been well.  But the key is being as healthy as you can.  Hopefully the news we get back on these guys will be positive.   


(on playing in second half of final preseason game)

I was just out there trying to do everything I can to help this team finish that game and come out on top. I got a little winded there towards the end. I gave it all I had. We just came up a little short.

(on whether he did enough to make the final roster)

You never know. I played a great preseason but I'm competing with so many guys, not just wide receivers. You never know what the coaches need on this team. A guy or two could've gone down on the defensive line tonight and they have to bring in some D-line guys, so I could be the odd man out. You never know. But hopefully I did.

(on his two catches of Chase Daniel passes in sequence, including TD catch)

The first one was a seven-step glance route, a skinny post. He put the ball right on the spot. They were in cover three so I just got inside of the corner and made a great play and got the ball upfield. Next thing you know, he came right back to me on the second play. Courtney Roby, on the other side, had cleared out the corner on him and the safety over there, so when I caught the ball it was pretty much straight to the end zone.

(on how he'll handle the next couple of days waiting for roster decisions to be made)

I'll try not to think about it. It's going to be hard, of course. You just try to go into it praying that I did enough to make this team.


(on the Saints maturity)

I think everybody here is a lot more mature than last year.  The guys that have been here since Coach Payton's first year; we feel like we've been in the system long enough, and we've matured and know how to handle things from the different distractions that come.  I think that we are going to be better off for that. 

(on talk of the Saints past hits on Brett Favre being dirty)

If that is motivation for your team, then ride with that.  But I can assure that no one on this team is trying to play dirty.  We are all trying to be as physical as possible-maybe it looked dirty, but we weren't trying to hurt anybody.

(on differences in the preseason after winning the Super Bowl)

I think everyone around this team understands the position that we're in, understands that we have a special group here, and understands that we have to protect it at all costs.


(on his chances on making the roster)

I really don't know. I did the best I could and we'll see where it falls.

(on competing with Chase Daniel)

Chase is a great guy. He has been helpful for me since I've been here. When you are in these competitions and you've done this long enough, you understand it is not the guy you don't like. You just want to play better than him and you want the position. It is nothing you are going to hold against anybody that you are competing against.

(on keeping three quarterbacks)

I don't even know what the history is here. I don't know what Coach Payton's history is in terms of how many he keeps. I honestly don't have an opinion on that.

(on the approach for the next couple days)

I will get ready for Minnesota and see what happens.

(on the Saints system)

I think it is great. Without question, it is a great system. It is friendly. You have an opportunity. You have answers and as a quarterback, that is all you can really ask.

(on what it would mean to make the Saints roster)

It would mean quite a bit, obviously to be able to be back home in Louisiana. Not only that, mostly to play for this organization, a Super Bowl winning organization and one that I think you can have success in.


(on making the Saints roster)

God has his hand on me. I am a strong believer that when he has a plan for you, he has a plan. You cannot fight it. You cannot worry about what you cannot control or it is going to drive you crazy, especially something like this. I am fighting for my livelihood. It is something you have got to pray about it and be humble and continue to work, regardless of what happens. It is an ugly business, but the beautiful thing about it is that I was interviewing for 31 other teams. If things don't work out with the world champs, hopefully some team out there was impressed with my performance.




(opening statements)

One of the things I mentioned to the team afterwards, with everything that happened out there in the ballgame, I couldn't help but notice how the young guys were pulling for the starters at the beginning of the game and then the starters started pulling for the young guys at the end.

It's a good locker room, a good team, and they really like to play. They wanted to win the game. They wanted to find a way to win the game and they did.

Overall, we played a lot of people. We got to look at some younger players. I thought there were some good things. There were some things that happened out there that I am not concerned about, namely the two blocked punts. We can fix those. They need to happen at times, young players at different positions, we moved some people around.

But, we made some plays. We ran the football. You know, if you take into consideration who was out there, you could say, ‘Well, you wouldn't have done that against this group or that group,' but the bottom line is when you hand the ball off you should make plays and we did. We pushed piles and I thought all the backs made plays. We have a tough decision to make there. We have a lot of tough decisions to make there. We have a lot of tough decisions to make over the next couple of days.

As far as the health of the team, we are in good shape.

(on explanation given on last pass interference penalty)

(Side judge) Tom (Hill) felt contact was made after the ball was in the air. They tried to talk him out of it. They said, hey, we got the quarterback out of the pocket and he thought the contact was after the ball was in the air. If the contact is prior to the ball being released, then it is not a foul, because the quarterback is out of the pocket.

(on Cortland Finnegan's play)

It's good. He needed the work, that is why we were so encouraged over the last 10 days. It looked like he would be able to get in the ballgame. So, he will be very critical of himself. He had the ball in the air, he should have made the plays. It was good they did put balls up to him so he can look at the tape and get things adjusted. It is good to have him back and Tony (Brown) back.

(on the tough decision regarding Samkon Gado and LeGarette Blount)

It was going to be a tough decision.  Yeah and then you watch Al (Pearman) run, ok.  Al's just a pro.  You know, he does everything right so again that's a tough part of what's ahead in the next couple days is making the right decisions for the football team for the right reasons.

(on the decision to hold Chris Johnson out tonight)

I spoke with C.J. prior to the Carolina game and basically told him I was going to give him a few carries, a few touches and then what we all need to do as far as he's concerned is get him in the best shape he's been for an opener  in his career and that would include everything diet, lifting, running, conditioning, rest. All that stuff.  He was aware of this and he's taking that approach all week.  He's done a lot of extra on the side.

(on Kenny Britt's difficulties tonight)

There were a couple of focus issues there.  It was time to look at the younger players.  I don't think it's anything that he can't correct by 10 o'clock tonight.  He just had some concentration issues.  We discussed it and it's fine and behind us.

(on the team's schedule for the next 48 hours)

The players will be coming in the next two days.

(on Fernando Velasco)

You know, I didn't get to look at the tape.  I don't know.  He's been playing well and he's been playing both positions, center and guard.  I'm going to assume Munch (Mike Munchak) thinks he's doing a real nice job there so I'm going to assume he played well.

(on being surprised by Marc Mariani)

No, he's a football player and that's why we drafted him. 


(on the performance of Javon Ringer)

Phenomenal back. I don't think a lot of people know about him; I feel like the respect of the offense and the rest of the team and how the guys gas around him, he's going to be a good back to help CJ (Chris Johnson) out a whole lot this year.

(on the touchdown toss to Bo Scaife to get things started)

It was a cover two. Definitely a high read to him to out back. On those types of coverages, you have to know where you need to be. I felt like our Coach did a great job of getting me comfortable with those type of coverages. I don't see those coverages much, but at the same time, when I see it, I know where my tight end and running back definitely will be open in those types of coverages. They did a great job of getting open.  Before we broke the huddle, he was like, "Man V, I'm getting deeper...I'm getting in the end zone."  So, he made a good play for us. 

(on locker room morale when several teammates won't be around next game)

It's definitely hard. I feel like we are a great family because we have a good time. As you all can see, on the sidelines, we have a good time. When guys make plays and when guys don't make plays, we don't point the finger at anybody. We tell them they'll make that play (next time). When I saw Kenny going through a little bit tonight, we're still motivating him. Man, you'll be all right, you're just 21 years old. You're going to be one of the best receivers in the league, just continue to keep working.

(on team chemistry)

Like I said last week, what I like about our team, there are more guys pushing each other. In order for us to go where we want to go, that's huge. You see on the defensive side of the ball, special teams, as well as offense, we need that. I really do like that whole progress of how guys are pushing each other. That's going to lead us a long way into the season, with that type of love and respect for each other.

(on sitting next to Britt during the game)

I know exactly what he's going through. He's got some things going on off the field as well as on the field. I definitely know what he's going through. I told him to stay focused. Once the cloud clears, you're going to be all right. I know it's a lot on you right now, but you are 21 years old and don't know what to expect and what's going on. I was in the same boat as you are. He understands. He's listening. And that's the biggest key.  I just tell him to listen and pay attention. When you come out here on the football field, just remember that your teammates need you. He understands that, and that's the good part about it. That's why I respect Kenny a whole lot. He's going to be a big receiver for us as well as in the NFL because he listens.

(on Coach Fisher's tough decision with LeGarrette Blount and Samkon Gado)

It's definitely going to be hard. Those guys are tremendous players, with great character; so, before anything that I judge, as far as players, everyone is very talented. If you make it to the NFL, you're obviously doing something right. You're character as a player, as a person, in the locker room and on the field, that's something that I look at, and something I know Coach looks at. Those guys have that. You know how the game goes and how the business goes, whatever happens, happens, and whatever guys we bring back, we're definitely going to be happy for them. The guys that we see off, we are still going to stay in contact with them and continue to keep motivating them. We still talk to Q (Quinton Ganther) right now, we still talk to (Kevin) Vickerson in Seattle; we still have a great relationship with all of the guys across the league right now. We just want to see those guys continue to prosper.

(on being ready for Oakland)

I wouldn't say I'm ready yet, because I've been watching film on our opponents right now.  Very, very aggressive defense and some things that we can explore.  So wait until next week; that's the preparation week. After we watch film tomorrow, Saturday, already get ahead of, watching film...The good part about it, we play on Thursday so we can get a chance to move on and try to get ready for our next opponent. 


(on Titans defense heading into regular season)

I feel very good about it.  You know, from the stand point that we have a lot of our starters back now and guys getting healthy at the right time.  There's still some small things we need to work on, but for the most part this defense is where it needs to be heading into the regular season. 

Preseason, I think, is always a little drawn out and a little too long.  But for the most part we got in a lot of good work and guys got healthy and that's a good thing going into the regular season.  I'm excited about it and ready to get going next week and  get the game plan for Oakland. 

(on how he describes the 2010 edition of the Titans defense)

I think we're an exciting defense.  A defense that flies around and loves the game.   A passionate defense.  An all-out defense.  This defense is geared up.  I'm really excited about the future of this defense, and what we have going on this season.  I'm looking forward to Week One.


(on Titans defensive in first half)

We held them to, I think, three points at halftime.  We started off a little sluggish but, we finished good.  I like where the defensive line is right now, and our defense as a whole.  We have so many athletic people on the defensive line that can get to the quarterback and put pressure on him.  And that's what (defensive line Coach Jim) Washburn wants us to do, and that's what we want to do.  So every game look for us to do just  that.

(on what he expects this year from the Titans defense)

I expect big things.  I expect us to dominate and be one of the top-ten defenses or top-five defenses out there, and just go out there and play hard.  When you see a Titans defense, you're going to see us running to the ball, playing hard, hitting and being physical.  That's what you are going to see.


(on who will get the game ball he interecepted in the game's closing seconds to secure the victory)

That's going to mom.  It's definitely going to mom.  I've got a lot of friends and I went to school at Southern Miss, so that's real close to New Orleans. So that's definitely going to be a keepsake. 


(on overall performance tonight)

There were some plays that I wish I could take back.  But I did the best that I could and left it on the field.  So now it's just a matter of waiting and see what they decide to do. 

(on his long run and thinking he was going to score)

Well, I wasn't quite sure.  I knew that he possibly had the angle and I didn't know if I had enough in the tank to outrun him.  But oh well, he made the play.    

(on the next 48 hours being tough)       

Well, it can be as tough as you make it out to be, or it can just be another 48 hours.  I'm just going to choose to think I did the best I could with the opportunities that were given to me in the time that I had.  And just leave it in the Lord's hand and see what happens from there.


(on how he would size up the offense tonight)

We did some good things.  They are always corrections to be made but for the most part, we moved the ball.  Converted some third downs and got the ball in the end zone.  So those are all positives for us.

(on him and Vince Young being on the same page)

We are going to be on the same wavelength the whole year.  Just giving you a little preview today and hopefully we can do it all year. 

(on being a good game to set up for Oakland Raiders)

Not necessarily, but it is good that we did.  We need to go out there and just do us, do our thing.  Not worry about them.  They didn't play all of their players that could have affected us.  But we didn't let it affect us and went out there and played hard. 


(on his performance tonight)

I worked hard and did everything that I could do.  Showcased all of my skills.  Not all of them, but I tried to showcase every skill that they gave me a chance to showcase.  I hope that is enough. 

(on running with a purpose and pushing piles)

Definitely.  I always run with a purpose being a big running back.  But no matter how many people pile on me, no matter how big the pile is, I'm going to continue to drive my legs.  I was taught that as a kid and being 200 to 250 pounds, it definitely helps being a big back, especially when you come into a situation with fourth and one, third and two and having to push the pile. 

(on if he thinks he has done enough to make the team)

I definitely hope so.  I think I have done as much as they have asked of me.  I think that I have done as much as I can.  I have tried my hardest and my best.  And I definitely hope there is enough for me to still be here on that 53-man roster.


V-Roll Roll Call

Saints lineman Junior Galette on his performance
New Orleans Saints get through the game unscathed


Audio Action

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