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Game Ball of the Week: Lance Moore Has Career Day

**This post is sponsored by Sprint.**

The votes have been tallied and Lance Moore has overwhelmingly been chosen by all of you to earn our first official Canal Street Chronicles Game Ball of the Week. Out of 437 total votes, Lance Moore earned 333 of them or 76%. Not even close.

Didn't know you were voting for a special award? Neither did I. But each week I've got to hand out a game ball as part of a Sprint sponsored series of posts and since you guys always vote for a Saints player of the game each week anyway, I figured why not just blend the two together. Damn, I'm good.

In case you missed it, here are Moore's numbers from this past Sunday:

Receiving Punt Return
Targets Receptions Yards Avg. LG TD
No. Yards Avg. Long FC TD
7 6 149 24.8 80t 2
1 72 72.0 72 3 0

With just six catches in just one game, Moore came only four yards shy of his total reception yardage for all of last season. That's right, an entire season's worth of production in one game. Think about that! Actually, don't think about that because it will just remind you of Moore's disappointing 2009 season, much of which was missed due to injury. This was, far and away, the best performance to date of Lance's young career. And that's not even mentioning the life he breathed into special teams with his huge punt return early in the game to set up an easy score.

Which is great, because as I mentioned earlier, last year wasn't so kind to Moore; either were the first two games of this season. After leading all Saints ball catchers in 2008, fans have been expecting big things from the possession receiver. Until this week, we've been a little let down. But if Sunday's monster offering means anything then I would say Lance showed us all that he's back. The only question is whether or not he's here to stay.

Which leads us to our topic of debate for today. Will we see Brees and Moore renew their 2008 chemistry when Lance was always Drew's go-to guy? Or is this past Sunday's performance just a blip on the radar and are Moore's best days already behind him?

Talk amongst yourselves.